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    Default The temptation of Se and how it relates to archetypical people

    Normally I'm pretty "on my high horse" "high and mighty" about NOT being into partying, drinking, drugs, meaningless sex, and other base temptations. Its almost to a fault that I will negatively judge people who are. I'm not very good at having fun haha. However, when I DO cut loose... I can dance the night away and be silly stupid with the best of them. Curiously, on the occasions I do "go out", I without fail attract girls who seem to fit an archetype associated with these very things I normally judge with contempt (they're fun flings at first.... but tend to pitter out).

    I don't know why, but I find myself sometimes fascinated with Ke$ha (not the music per se, but the whole "character"). She just embodies this alluring "fun and reckless, base animal instinct of Se" that makes her appear a lot hotter than she probably is. Not Gaga, Perry or others... they seem more Ne and softened S to be honest. Ke$ha Se just hits you over the head... I have NO IDEA WHY.

    [YOUTUBE="3taEuL4EHAg"]Ke$ha = Se[/YOUTUBE]

    So questions:
    1. Does this sound more like the weak Se of an INFJ, the tertiary temptation of an ENFJ, or am I just an idiot male who is easily manipulated by certain images? I'm pretty sure that I'm not a Se dom or Se aux...

    2. Who "embodies" a Se worldview in your mind?

    3. Do any of you have some other function-like allure to a person of the opposite sex?

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    I don't know her well. I watched a couple of videos and she just seems more in your face lyrically and visually than the others. I think it just appeals to your impulsive, horny side.

    I don't know who would embody an Se world view. It seems back the front to think of it like that. A few sportsman come to mind, because you can 'see' their thinking.

    Function like allure to another person? I really don't know...when I use my imagination is that Se/Ni?

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