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Thread: Type me!

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    These results are pretty funky looking, but I'm thinking INTJ.

    I've seen a couple of INTJs get results like this. Some who have a strong intellectual bent, I've noticed tend to score pretty high on Ti. I think if you were an INTP there'd be a clear Ti/Ne>everything else, but you scored very high on Ni, which can only point to INTJ imo.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Idris View Post
    Seriously, the guy only has 1 post. We don't know enough about him to say anymore. Beside the fact that he can type a paragraph, but doesn't know how to use the quote tag. His stats say INTJ. Lets see if the quote was a malfunction, or he is the first computer illiterate robot in the world.
    I don't think you're looking deep enough (or maybe I'm looking too deep, it's your opinion to make). He's not extraverted otherwise he might have rambled on about himself without need of questions (though some introverts will do that too). Looking into systems suggests NT, there is very little 'people' element in his post and it seemed to look below the surface. INTP and INTJ both share all of these qualities. Oh, and I refuse to consider the actual results of that test beyond the obvious, which would be NT, which reinforces what was established by his post.

    There have been plenty of polls that show massive amounts of INTPs and INFPs on these forums, that's enough evidence for me.
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