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    i think you're ENTP with strong Fe.

    you seem more outer-world oriented than INTPs.

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    i. inability to sympathize with people close to me
    ii. inability to comfort people
    iii. favor studying from an objective standpoint
    iv. desire to be accomplished
    v. bottle my emotions (perhaps a result of introversion)

    i. strong sense of social justice/humanitarian
    ii. prone to self-pity
    iii. feel involved during stories, films, etc.
    iv. see beauty everywhere
    v. cooperative and diplomatic
    vi. desire for romance and intimacy
    vii. trouble with hard logic and facts
    viii. trouble with criticism
    ix. search for personal meaning

    ew, i didn't realize i was so imbalanced~
    "Why had he never appreciated what a miracle he was, brain and nerve and bounding heart?"

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    Edahn, man, I think you're xNTP like me.

    Ne is definitely available to you. No question there. But I don't see anywhere where your thinking is limited -- perhaps hindered or quieted by a feeling function, but who says you can't put the sad truth lightly?

    A few days ago in dealing with uber you showed a pretty strong ability to identify exactly what
    a. you said
    b. what Uber thought you said
    c. where the confusion began, so as to stop his infected notion where it started from

    Problem solving. Ti.
    we fukin won boys

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    These are just the things I can think of off the top of my head.

    - Love sport-arguing/playing devil's advocate. (I like to argue the opposite stance just to explore both sides, even if I don't actually agree with what I'm arguing. It's pretty important to do this with someone who doesn't take things personally though. Like my INTP husband.)

    - Have a tendency to be skeptical and cynical. (This is more applicable to groups in general, I don't tend to be cynical when talking about individuals. This is an area where my husband and I differ considerably. With individuals, I am very understanding, and tend to see people's base motives as being good. That is in fact one my favorite things to do - trying to understand people's real motivations. I can spend endless amounts of time analyzing others in this way.)

    - Get very frustrated when people make illogical decisions/try and convince me of something with a completely illogical arguement. ( This. Drives. Me. Insane. I'm not talking about nitpicky logic, I mean when someone says all these things, then comes up with an answer/decision that really has nothing to do with it, yet they seem to think it makes perfect sense. And you're left thinking, "Huh? Where did that come from?!")

    - Really don't like uncontrolled expressed emotions. In me or other people. I find them very uncomfortable. Crying, hugs, anger, any touchie feelie stuff. Although happiness/excited emotions I really like (if it's genuine).

    - Very sarcastic and ironic sense of humor (My ISFJ Dad hates this)

    - Things feel in certain ways to me. There is a feeling of rightness that I am always striving to find. If I am designing something, I know how I want it to feel, the feeling isn't something I can put into words, but as I refine the design, I know when it's 'right'. I think that things (or people) feeilng 'right' has something to do with harmony. Everything has these feelings attached to it, and really I think they override everything else. If this feeling isn't 'right' then it's not going to matter what someone says, I know there's something wrong/needs changed. I've gotten better and better at translating that feeling into words (pretty neccessary if you ever want to convince anyone of anything. Most people don't respond well to "It just doesn't feel right..."), but it's definitely a translation from my feeling of rightness, even if the words I say sound logical enough. (I'd say this is something I've learned how to do since being married, kinda neccessary if I want to convince an INTP of anything.)

    I don't know if that really explained it. I'm trying to be brief, but I could go on and on about this.

    - Understanding people and their inner motives is very important to me. People are fascinating. (See Above.)

    - I'm very good at reading people, knowing what they're trying to say or get across even when everyone else is misunderstanding them, and knowing what to say or how to say something in order to convince someone.

    - I feel injustices acutely. (This isn't only reserved for big issues, I normally feel like it is an injustice when someone judges another person based on their subjective opinions. "He's an idiot." Because he wears a certain type of clothing. I might agree that generally the people who wear that type of clothing fall in a certain stereotype, but I do not agree with applying that to an individual person. (This is something my husband and I often disagree about.)

    - I am a very emotional person. My feelings are very important to me. If they were taken away I wouldn't be the same person. I can feel euphoria from listening to a beautiful piece of music or reading exquisite prose. Nature has a particularly strong influence on me. Feelings of the most intense joy and longing can be triggered from something as simple as the way the sunlight glows in a perfectly green leaf, highlighting its intricate design, to the awesomeness of being outside in the middle of a thunderstorm. The feeling is so intense, I sometimes forget to breathe. I am not me anymore, but a purety of life, of joy.

    I don't really know how to explain this... but it's got to be better than any drug

    So I'm sure there are lots of T and F things I'm missing (not to mention all the Ne things that I tried not to go into), but hopefully what I did write makes a bit of sense.
    “Can a man of perception respect himself at all?”
    ― Fyodor Dostoyevsky

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    Quote Originally Posted by GZA View Post
    T -Criticizing ideas and methods
    -Arguing for sport (I like to go into a Stephan Colbert type character sometimes and argue rediculous things like that humans and robots are truely no different )
    -Sometimes thinking logically (although a truely logical person usually steps in and beats me out if its a debate)

    F-I like to help people who are down
    -I do EVERYTHING based on values... what homework I value or don't value, what hobbies, ect.
    -I feel emotion when listening to music, sometimes to the point of it overwhelming me, which I enjoy very much.
    -I feel emotion about everything
    -I can create characters and their emotions and everything, and I sometimes imagine qualities people don't actually posess
    -I am obsessed with personal identity type stuff and creating values for myself
    -I have a strong desire to inspire people on a large scale

    My F stuff has a bigger part of my life than the T stuff... and the T stuff I especially do when I'm frustrated or angry. To get into type theory stuff... I have very strong Fi, medium to weak Fe, and I have fairly well developed Ti and Te. The F stuff is always at the forfront of everything though, and Ne is always backing nicely.
    All the INFP stuff you mention sound like me name INTP INFP INTP INFP INTP INFP <-- excessive use of emoticons INFP thing yet all but one test gave me INTP borderline just slightly more T that F but seem to lack most of the describe qualities of them.

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    Damn Double post (hate my pc)

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    The thing with ENxPs is that Fi and Te or Ti and Fe come directly one after another in function theory, so we should be able to use both of them with relative ease. (Part of your dilemma, perhaps, Edahn?)

    Very human-oriented - concerned about others feelings
    Sympathetic, empathetic
    Good at understanding people and moods
    Sometimes emotional - moods change easily
    Moved by lots of things - music, books, movies...

    Enjoy reading books and gathering information
    Love a casual debate
    Can be cynical, sceptical
    Use sarcasm all the time
    Generally uncomfortable with PDAs
    Extraversion (52%) ---- Introversion (48%)
    Sensing (26%) ---- iNtuition (74%)
    Thinking (16%) ---- Feeling (84%)
    Judging (5%) ---- Perceiving (95%)

    9w1 so/sx/sp

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    Love criticizing ideas
    Used to read books on cosmology and theoretical physics
    Love integrating ideas and modeling information
    Enjoy sport-arguing
    Deal with problems through analysis
    Make jokes that play with language and logic

    Frequently come to the defense of the weak and helpless
    Love counseling people
    Make it a point to connect to people who seem lonely or who are neglected by others (waiters, homeless people)
    Used to be, and somewhat still am, obsessed with the paranormal
    Driven towards self-improvement and self-actualization and constantly monitor moods
    Very good are reading body language
    Jokes play with people's taboos
    Here,I'm clearly T over F.

    I read Wikipedia for fun --and edit too!
    I want to know the truth of everything
    I question myself, analyze, and correct my views
    Everything can be a system for me, and they can be evaluated objectively
    First thing coming to my mind from a people situation is impersonal, objective analysis
    I can criticize people, group mentality and cherished - but illogical values - rather easily.

    I'm rather worry-free and detached from most feelings around me
    I think my feelings, overall, are controlled by thinking
    I love complex logical systems and the things they generate
    I learn to use machines instantly
    I can fix most anything

    I love to share the deepest thoughts with another to get to know him/her
    I talk a lot about people and their thoughts, feelings and actions
    I love to comfort a friend who's down for the feeling of closeness it provides
    I enjoy drama
    I love to play with people dynamics and to get to do a lot with different people
    I understand people very well, and I got good people skills and verbal communication skills.
    I am doing a great effort to preserve the values inside the circle of my close friends
    I'm devoted to keep personal integrity and good morale I've fallen in love rather easily
    I actively take care of people's feelings around me, tho I voice it out if I think their behaviour is out of place or illogical
    I strive towards emotional closeness, tho I restrain myself so as to not lose individuality
    Here, it is a little more mixed.


    I think I want to....


    It feels right to....
    Both. Often, the "think" comes first, and then the "feel's right" checks it.

    Also, it is not simply a matter of T vs. F, but rather the T and F are introverted and extraverted, and the archetypes they fall into. I had claimed INTP because of the thinking preferences, but then it was shown that most of the "thinking" I actually did was extraverted, and in the "relief" position, pointing to ENFP.
    Linda Berens' booklets on the type code and dynamics were helpful in breaking it all down. I also got Hartzler's book on the function, and plan to order Nardi's book today or tomorrow.

    I'm glad to see that there seem to be several here like Edahn and Mondo who are ENFP's going through the same thing with the questions about their type and its functions (even down to others saying they're INTP's. I have some ENFP's on another board still insisting I'm INTP, though some aspects of it do fit. It's on the functions level, where I clearly lean towards ENFP).

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    Before I discovered Keirsey and Myers-Briggs, I always said (and still do) that I think with my heart and feel with my head. It's one and the same to me, I don't understand how you can excise and clearly separate the two.

    But, yeah I'm definitely an F. As I get older, I understand better what "it feels right" means and have observed myself going through with decisions that make no sense on paper but I am happy with because it 'feels' right. Then again, that's technically intuition...I think.

    As far as expressed emotion, I think ENXP can look similar. Actually, I think ENTP is more likely to be out there and even in your face than ENFP -- a lot of ENFPs seem shy and low-key, at first and sometimes even after warming up to you. I think ENTP may even get pegged as more 'emotional' by observers, which is to say 'assertive', though I think moderately to strongly expressed extrovert ENFPs and ENTPs will look very similar on the outside and equally 'emotional' to observers. With Fe, ENTP may even be more readily able to express emotion publicly. Te on the other hand, makes ENFP express F with a more critical eye to the external world and critique and pick things apart -- though a well-rounded ENFP would never be accused of being cynical, hypercritical, or 'mean' -- because we are WAAAAYYY too smart to step on people's toes...intentionally.

    In the end, I think ENFP would say they have better ability and are more comfortable internally accessing, accepting, and processing the full range of emotions without judging how wrong or right they are. And because of this high comfort level and empathy, ENFP would feel better able to deal with and especially identify personally with a wider range of emotions from people compared to an ENTP.

    I think you can makes similar parallels between INFP and INTP.

    The F/T difference really boils down to internal differences and how you deal with your emotions (moreso than 'thoughts') and those of others rather than observable behavior, because a lot of times, NXPs look similar within their respective E or I ranks.
    “If you want to tell people the truth, make them laugh, otherwise they'll kill you.” ― Oscar Wilde

    "I'm outtie 5000" ― Romulux


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    I'm clearly INTP. I've been told by someone close that I'm the most purely distilled NT they've ever known. I really enjoy a good film, but I'm continually conscious of it as a film. I don't react with, "That poor woman! To have to make that kind agonizing decision about her child!", but rather with, "Wow, what a beautifully written script, and this actress is interpreting it perfectly. And it's really clever how the writer set it up with that earlier scene, to ensure maximum impact with this scene. This is a wonderfully moving film." On the other hand, very occasionally some scene in a film will blindside me, and I come close to crying, and I don't even know why (it's often not an especially moving scene). I think this speaks even more to me being T, since I have the feelings, but I often don't have a clear understanding of them.

    I've also been told that I seem "softer" than a lot of INTPs somehow. On high quality, well written MBTI tests, I test as pretty extreme T. On more poorly written tests (some of the online tests), I test with a good amount of F. It's because those tests seem to equate NT with being a self-centered, insensitive jackass. Because I'm a decent person who is genuinely considerate of others, I couldn't possibly be a real NT.

    It really bothers me to hurt someone, especially someone close (but even someone who's not). I've never hurt anyone intentionally, and any time I've done it unintentionally, it eats at me relentlessly. And there's a certain type of compassion that I have in spades. But I also have pretty low emotional stamina. When I have to move in that emotional plane, relating to someone in any kind of painful emotional context, it drains me pretty fast, and eventually I just kind of shut down, physically exhausted. This is also true in dealing with my own feelings. I just can't spend a substantial percentage of my time with my psyche in that realm.
    I'm not a procrastinator. I'm a long-term planner.

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