Note, I just made this for fun, after reading about Keirsey's theory of compatibility and looking at how the temperaments were laid out. If you're familiar with Socionics, this mimics the idea of quadra values by a) supposing a primary value/function is the verted orientation of one's temperament, b) supposing the secondary value is merely a division between the two types from a, and c) supposing one values what your Keirsian dual values (dual being compatibility pairs of: INTP-ENFJ, ISFJ-ESTP, etc.)


Here are some Keirsian quadras and functions I came up with based off of the four temperaments (Guardian=Helpmate, Artisan=Playmate, Rational=Mindmate, Idealist=Soulmate.) These are based on dominant extroversion and introversion, with the secondary function reliant on which other temperament is most related to, ie. INTJ and INTP are both Introverted Rationals(NTs), but one a J leans more toward a Guardian(SJ) and the other a P more toward an Artisan(SP), which can also be made out from their descriptions. So they are seperated by their second function based on their secondary temperament orientation, which can be translated into a new function type. These function orders can be reversed, to obtain one's Keirsian "mirror," as well as paired up, to obtain one's standard Kersian Dual. Each quadra values 4 functions/orientations out of 8. I just noticed the combination and made this for fun:

ESTP = Extroverted Play, Introverted Mind
ISFJ = Introverted Help, Extroverted Soul
ENFJ = Extroverted Soul, Introverted Help
INTP = Introverted Mind, Extroverted Play

ESTJ = Extroverted Help, Introverted Mind
ISFP = Introverted Play, Extroverted Soul
ENFP = Extroverted Soul, Introverted Play
INTJ = Introverted Mind, Extroverted Help

ESFJ = Extroverted Help, Introverted Soul
ISTP = Introverted Play, Extroverted Mind
ENTP = Extroverted Mind, Introverted Play
INFJ = Introverted Soul, Extroverted Help

ESFP = Extroverted Play, Introverted Soul
ISTJ = Introverted Help, Extroverted Mind
ENTJ = Extroverted Mind, Introverted Help
INFP = Introverted Soul, Extroverted Play