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    Default IxTP, very close S and N preferences. Good or Bad?

    So i've taken multiple free MBTI tests and I always score as either an INTP or ISTP. I'm guessing that means that my S and N are really close, which I'm not sure if thats good or bad. Yesterday I took a test that said my N is 53% and my S is 47%. I know those percents don't mean much but they are very close. After reading the comparison of S/N on MyPersonality I can't really decided between either N or S because I have characteristics of both traits.

    These are the results of a test I took yesterday:

    So would you say that having close preferences is good or bad? why?

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    So would you say that having close preferences is good or bad? why?
    It just means you're a mixed type. This is a very common thing and there's nothing wrong with it. The first time I took the test I scored 50/50 on the N/S scale. When I thought about my responses on the test, all it meant was that I liked to do things like keep accurate time (I don't care for approximate times like "about 5:30"), I always enjoyed keeping my watches accurate to the second.

    I think in the long run the explanation was that I had some S affectations that I picked up somewhere as a habit, and that I was more truly an INTP at the core.

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    why would it possibly be bad?

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