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    Default Which term should replace "user" when talking about cognitive functions?

    People on this forum speak of terms like "Fi user", "Ti user", etc. I know they mean "user" to be those who don't have that function in their shadow. In other words its one of their top 4 functions. So Fi "users" are xxFP and xxTJ and Ti "users" are xxTP and xxFJ.

    I don't like the term "user" because everybody uses every function. Sure there's a difference between those who have a function in their shadow and those who don't but it's still being used.

    So I thought I'd ask the forum what term if any should replace the word "user"?

    I was thinking of shadow vs. non-shadow.
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    I assume "user" as someone who has it in their dichotomy, like FPs. We all use them, but in the dominant context is how it's generally understood.

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    The idea of using functions at all is a little conctroversal, as people don't deliberately express a given function for the most part. That said, the term used does make talking about things easier. I've got ino the habit of saying express instead, which sounds a little less premeditated.

    I've also utilised the phrase "consciouse Fi user" to talk about someone with Fi in the first four functions. Actually, I don't like the term conciouse function either, once again because people aren't really aware of functions being expressed. Mostly though, it's all just semantics, and I refuse to get too bogged down in it. The concepts are what matter, regardless of what you callthem. It can create misunderstanding though.
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    I propose "good guys" for NTJ users and "bad guys" or "evil" for other cognitive sets.
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    Maybe we could speak about them as inclinations? For example "He was more inclined towards extraverted sensing than any other function.". It shows tendency and allows for a change in preference.

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    I don't see what's wrong with user. Someone calling someone else a "Ti user" is just a shortcut for saying that person is an FJ or a TP... 4 letters are easier to type than a more full explanation each time. Obviously people use all 8 functions (although I personally really think there are only four and preferred orientations for each), so people should just assume no one's saying otherwise.

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