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    Default <----- This site makes me think of Eric B, might want to see if it really is his.

    The anima or "soul" is shadowed by a "demon" which receives its stimulation from the opposite orientation of the inferior. (This is basically a "negative anima", and it appears a "double negative" principle leads to it being the same gender as the person). Since that was already the most suppressed area, then its shadow manifests in a particularly destructive fashion. It can also become an "angel" or "transformer" in bad situations.
    From what I am reading, if I am ISFP, my inferior would be Te. The opposite orientation would be Ti. This demon/shadow would appear to have a Ti orientation to his dealing with me.

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    I am really thinking hard about this, and while I have revisited very profound places and structures, I have never met anyone profoundly in a dream that I hadn't known irl. I am incredibly sensitive about people represented in my dreams. At times, I have even had dreams where rl people were there and while everyone else could see them, they were completely invisible to me.

    The most profound dream I had about something not irl and alive was watching a fight in a dungeon between a beast and a dragon. Was really weird.

    Maybe I should eat more chocolate before bed. Spice things up a bit.

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    I think that I saw my shadow/demon once. Typically my dreams are pretty boring. This dream started out with me walking through a park on a beautiful spring day. I could see colors (don't usually dream in color). As I bent down to pick a flower, someone stepped close to me and a shadow fell over the ground.

    When I looked up, I saw Death - a tall, thin, Grim Reaperish version in a black hooded cloak. My first impulse was pity - he seemed crippled and weak. His face was ill-defined but it had a child-like quality. Then I realized "OMG, I am looking at Death!" and I woke up.

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