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    Quote Originally Posted by IndyAnnaJoan View Post
    Maybe INFJ, but not INTJ... so not very Ni and more NF? My experience with Ni-dom's, or at least INTJ's is that there's a lot of skepticism and rationality. With my INFP ex, I often felt as though he'd blindly believe. Maybe he smoked too much pot and it skewed the Ne. But I'm completely positive in my assessment of him being an INFP. What he equals out to in socionics, I'm uncertain of.
    Yes, INTJs tend to be very skeptical/critical and rational regarding how we process information, break it down and understand it. It's a very Te process. By contrast we tend to react strongly against Fe type social mechanisms being used to enforce understanding for us; we just don't buy it. INFJs prefer quite the opposite, they analyse the situation via. social tolerance and acceptance and seem to trust that but will block out decisions made by this open information showing and critique... (Hence ze thread)

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    If I'm ENTJ, my tert opposite is Si....ugh yes, I completely lack it. It gives me the shivers. I simply delegate anything Si away if at all possible.

    But if I'm ESTP, this would be Fi., I do have some Fi. It pops up once in a while rather randomly.

    Conclusion: ENTJ - despite forgetting a dr's appointment.
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