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I was waiting for this comment.

Ni and Si are defined in general terms as mapping external world to internal symbols. The Si map is static and based on "established" meaning. Ni meaning is uniquely defined at an individual level. The extraverted judging functions, Te or Fe, are necessary to actualize Ni's personal agenda. Si also depends on Je but uses Te/Fe to preserve the status quo.

Introverted perceiving (Pi) defines the worldview. Our expectation of "how the world works" is based on Ni/Si. Si believes that the future will be pretty much like the past. Ni is transformative - technology (Te) and society (Fe) can be shaped independently of traditional paradigms.

Back to the question of inferior Ni and pop culture. There are 2 ways of looking at mainstream entertainment. The Si version looks to the past - traditional country music, nostalgic themes in movies/tv, etc. Contemporary Christian music is largely an attempt to repackage Si values for a youthful audience.

"Pop culture" values novelty. The emphasis is on the immediate sensory experience (Se). Since extroverted perceiving must be balanced with the opposite introverted P-function then inferior Ni is absolutely associated with trendy, "American Idol" culture.
While I'm not convinced you can map music genre preferences so explicitly, love your analytics from a logical perspective!