At the risk of seeming desperately crazy I'm going to briefly tell you my situation and I would greatly appreciate insightful help.

I've met a ENTJ through friends he is a bit older and pretty accomplished. I am definitely his equal superficially, socially and intellectually though being only 22 I've just finished undergrad while he is finishing professional school.

I intuitively know, if we could have a conversation together, we would like each other. Being both very sensible pragmatic people and ( I stalked his library) we definitely have a lot in common. He has hosted parties (themed the way he over heard me saying I liked) and invited me , eyes me at other friends parties and occasionally shows spontaneous interest. Though when we see each other out running I can barely get more of a wave and hello. I know we'd connect as friends and I'd hope possible more in the future.

I just NEED advise on how to approach it because I am at a loss on how to connect with him which isn't surprising since he is a ENTJ.