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    Te, Ni and Se all play nice together. And then there's Fi.

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    Ne- because only people who use it can understand what I'm talking about without me have to become a broken record.
    Se- because it's SEXY
    Te- because it's logical and I know that I don't have to talk BS with this person
    Ni- it's just bad ass, what can I say
    Fi- it's so beautiful and heroic
    Ti, Si and (especially) Fe usually bother me
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    Quote Originally Posted by Elfboy View Post
    Ne- because only people who use it can understand what I'm talking about without me have to become a broken record.
    Ni- it's just bad ass, what can I say
    I really should work on getting to know these more.

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    Any function can make me happy or not depending on how its used. I guess I'd rank them as follows, with happiest first.

    Ne: If I had to pick one function that makes me the most happy overall, this would be it. Ne allows me to make interesting connections between things and thinks of new possibilities. Much of my sense of humor and childlike enthusiasm stems from this function.

    Se: I don't really use it that much and its one of my weakest functions but when I allow myself to fully live in the moment and completely immerse myself in my senses, I think to myself, "why don't I do this more often?" I think I feel kind of guilty about just indulging in Se. I usually let other functions override it. I should think more logically. I should think more about the future, etc.

    Ti: I really enjoy playing with logical systems in my head and analyzing how it all fits into a whole. I love finding out the why behind things. I guess I rank Ne as making me happier because I think as a Ti dominant, I tend to just take it for granted.

    Si: I enjoy this function for the nostalgic effect and reminscing about the past. I enjoy the sensory impressions it sometimes creates. On the downside, my Si can recapture unpleasant past memories and sensations I'd rather just forget.

    Te: On the plus side, I feel really good when I've effectively utilized Te to accomplish tasks efficiently and effectively. On the downside, Te seems awfully dry to me at times. It's too mechanical, too procedural.

    Ni: I enjoy Ni for the insights it creates and the ability to see multiple perspectives on the same thing. On the other hand, my Ni has a dark side to it, imagining worst case scenarios and I think the source of some of my existential angst comes from here.

    Fe: This is a troublesome function for me that causes me undue anxiety at times, especially in the social arena. When in the grip of Fe, I get powerful emotions that are hard to control and hypersensitive about others' feelings towards me. I guess it makes me happy in the sense of having good harmonious relations with others.

    Fi: This is probably my most troublesome function aside from Fe and I wouldn't exactly consider it my happy place (is this a common attitude to have towards one's demonic function? For INTPs that is Fi) When I'm really down and depressed about something, that's when my Fi goes into overdrive. On the other hand Fi is good for realizing the times when I should have listened to my heart and to not ignore what I feel deep down. Sometimes Fi is confusing, when values conflict with each other or when doing the 'right thing' seems to conflict with what you personally value.
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    And I thought that Ne and Se were the only happy functions..........

    Se is awesome for pure happy, but since most of the time I fail at being in the present moment, Ne is my happy drug of choice.

    On a more serious note, I understand the happy that some of the other functions can provide. Like, I still use a whole bunch of Ti, and there can sometimes be that thrill of understanding how things fit together, but most of the stuff leading up to that is a more serious process. But Ne just sort of goes everywhere, is always new...all that stuff.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Randomnity View Post
    Se, although mine is not particularly "strong".
    Quote Originally Posted by Orangey View Post
    Strychnine is all-natural,
    So strychnine is all good.
    It's Godly and righteous,
    So eat it, you should.
    Who are you to refuse nature's will?

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    Ne. give me shiny new fun open future exciting connected everything drawing together

    Te and Si give me comfort, while Fi gives me satisfaction, though not necessarily happiness.

    Ti is also satisfying when i actually get it, Fe is odd but enlightening, Se is exhilarating but also makes it feel like there is no ground under me, and Ni is like flipping my world upside down.

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    i cant pick a single function.
    Ti is kinda like too casual for me, but when figuring something out with Ti, i can get really happy for a short time.
    Ne is hmm, well i like to go with the flow at times(and it can get really fun) and enjoy seeing the big picture of things. also it can get me excited when i see some pattern of something that my Ti can figure out.
    Si can give really nice subjective perception about things that are already fun, like greatly enhancing good moments.
    Fe is like, it can give me greatest pleasure, but its shy and careful because it can get hurt pretty easily if i invest in it.

    when i get to use all of these in a positive way and dont have to be too careful or shy with Fe i get happiest
    "Where wisdom reigns, there is no conflict between thinking and feeling."
    — C.G. Jung


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    Idk about happy but the funnest function to use is Ne. I don't use it often with accuracy but in those rare moments I get on a is exhilerating. I admire people who use that function naturally and effectively.

    Si and Fe are my very least favorites to use.

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    Ne is my most optimistic, happy-go-lucky one, but sometimes a source of frustration too. I want to finish my current novel project, not start a new one... But then there's Ti discarding the nonsensical ideas and providing Ne the challenge to come up with very specific ones. I'm super happy if things fit together.
    My least favorite is Ni. That one really plays the archetypical nemesis role. This is a good thing, of course, because Ni warns me not to take up too much of those crazy Ne projects, which really helps to finish some of them. But it doesn't make me "happy".
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