According to socionics these relationships tend to be unpleasant:

Conflict. Note: the name of these relations doesn't mean you'll always enter conflicts but propensity for partners to not see eye-to-eye is highest. Therefore these relations are not recommended if you need to get more intimate: INTJ-ESFJ, INTP-ESFP, ENTJ-ISFJ, ENTP-ISFP, INFJ-ESTJ, INFP-ESTP, ENFJ-ISTJ, ENFP-ISTP
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Super-ego. This is like conflict-light. Initially partners may find each other attractive but over time differences take their toll: INTJ-ISFJ, INTP-ISFP, ENTJ-ESFJ, ENTP-ESFP, INFJ-ISTJ, INFP-ISTP, ENFJ-ESTJ, ENFP-ESTP
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Supervision. This is like a venus fly-trap of relations. Initially there can be strong attractive pull on both sides. Supervisee will usually put their Supervisor on a pedestal and admire them which will boost Supervisor's ego. Supervisor will try to correct the Supervisee against which Supervisee doesn't have a defense so it can errode esteem of Supervisee. Therefore being Supervisee is usually much more unpleasant than being in position of Supervisor. Supervision rings are as follows: ISTJ > ENTJ > INFJ > ESFJ > ISTJ; ENTP > ISTP> ESFP > INFP > ENTP; ESTJ > ISFJ > ENFJ > INTJ > ESTJ; INTP > ENFP > ISFP > ESTP > INTP
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