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    ah, i did see where you're going with this but tried to vote accurately anyway.

    i voted 3/5, holistically. it seems relatively correct, minus a few phrases - but it doesn't feel like it captures my essence very well, if that makes sense. like it says things that are right to an extent, but it doesn't hit on many key words that are important to me. i think that's one strategy i've come to see when considering typing. that what's more important than measuring up to the overall picture is finding certain key words that really make you light up.

    some of my favorite moments in my pursuit to figure out my MBTI type were discovering phrases like:
    Ability to See Patterns & Connections
    who see everyone and everything as part of an often bizarre cosmic whole.
    see implications everywhere
    it was sort of a moment when i realized that maybe not everyone thinks like that. i really thought that was just how brains worked. which is kind of naive, but not being able to be in anyone else's brain, what can you do?

    Quote Originally Posted by DisneyGeek
    I think the only way to find out your true personality is through deep reflection and the opinions of people you are close to.
    i would definitely agree that would result in much more accurate picture of oneself than trying to match up to generalized profiles. in terms of attributes, i might come out matching myself to an INFP profile better, depending on the day. maybe even ENTP. for myself personally, i am very systems-oriented, and so i wanted to know the theory behind the letters. when i learned function theory, i felt like all this MBTI type stuff made a whole lot more sense, and i was able to categorize myself with a peaceful certainty.

    And really, what is the point of typing people other than to divide people into groups? Were personality theories created because we all feel the need to fit in somewhere?
    i think we all do have that drive, but i also think more pressing for me personally - what drew me to really exploring the MBTI - was the prospect of being able to improve myself by learning about people who are like me. certainly i don't always fit the average ENFP pattern. but more often than not, i hear ENFPs talking about problems i have experienced, too. so typing gives me a way to hone in on potential future problems, and to let me share in the aggregate wisdom of others. it's more efficient than generalized advice because i don't need as much improvement in some areas. it's like breaking the SAT down into verbal and math - of course all things in life are not divided so cleanly, but when you do break them down artificially, you gain in isolation of problem areas. isolating variables, if you will.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bologna View Post
    If a type description is too general, it doesn't effectively subdivide the spectrum of personality. If it's too specific, then doesn't describe anyone, as nobody will relate to it. Neither of these are particularly useful, of course, so the key is to strike a meaningful balance.

    Also, ftr, if it only applies to you on rare occasions, then it probably isn't a dominant trait. So if you have had two occasions in your life when you've been able to perfectly read someone and feel a deep oneness with them, but the rest of the time you're kind of insensitive and oblivious to other people, you might not be an xNFJ. I dunno - bad example. But I feel like a lot of the Forer effect in the MBTI comes from overthinking and overcomplicating. But then again, I got the correct result on the very first try, so I'm biased.
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