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    Quote Originally Posted by LunaLuminosity View Post
    I was wondering if it might work out to describe the tertiary and inferior functions as those which are used somewhat often but are the most consciously rebelled against.

    For example:
    INFJ/ENFJ=TiSe/SeTi=rebelling from analyzing and from the immediate context
    (Yes, the way I'm describing the functions here is probably oversimplified, but writing a paragraph on each one here would take too long...)

    Does this way of looking at it work for anyone?

    Anything that I should add or tear apart completely?
    Wow. Yeah, it's a totally rebellious state of mind. I can relate to this immature use of the weaker functions.

    When I become too overwhelmed and need to check out of present circumstances because I feel like I'm mentally/emotionally drowning, I may do any number of the following:

    -call things like I see them to the point of obnoxiousness: bluntness
    -drink (rarity)
    -buy and smoke a cigar (rarity)... I also get powerful urges to smoke cigarettes (but I refuse to do this however, addiction is too risky)
    -try to convince others to go to an amusement park with me so that I can hop on every pant-crapping rollercoaster in the park
    -try to convince others to go to the batting cages with me (hilarious as I am sports-retarded) or go-karting, or amateur racing etc.
    -drive a lot... and waaaaaaaaaaay too fast
    -ask my father to take me motorcyling (won't have to once I get my own! )
    -exercise till I drop
    -dance till I drop
    -obsess over getting my hands on one of my favorite carnival foods of choice
    -want to lose myself in sex (which I don't get to do because I refuse to do it outside of a meaningful relationship, so this causes me CONSIDERABLE sexual frustration and fuels the sensory rampage in other divergent directions which leads me to the next two...)
    -feel like brawling for no apparent reason (so far have never succumbed to this) or doing something extremely physically challenging
    -swear excessively, behave recklessly, and may become verbally combative (because I will not allow myself to become physically combative)

    Good times!

    This all sounds very negative, but the truth is I am capable of accessing this part of myself productively and beneficially without necessarily nose-diving myself into oblivion. However, when I am in an unhealthy state of mind, the difference will show.

    Pro-tip: if you see an INFJ in this kamikaze state --F*CKING RUN.
    "The views of absolutists and purists everywhere should be noted in fierce detail, then meticulously and thoroughly printed onto my toilet paper ply."

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    one thing. tert function seems to be the function that is used for finding excuses for not doing something that the function earlier said is not a good idea(bad past mistakes(Si), things look dodgy and/or unpleasant(Se), after logical deduction it just seems logical things to go bad(Ti), or some N hunches of things going to hell etc etc). inferior is used for this too, but on bigger things and less often(as it needs more energy investments). tert does this all the time, actually more than people usually notice in themselves, because its rather unconscious function.
    "Where wisdom reigns, there is no conflict between thinking and feeling."
    — C.G. Jung


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    There is a push/pull when it comes to Si/Fe

    Si - I like the safety of a boringly, conventional lifestyle but get tired of mindless conformity
    Fe - There is this wannabe NFJ inside of me that keeps trying to impress the world with my warmth and wisdom. My efforts often always fall short

    Rebellion takes the form of misogynistic behavior. I will reject others before they have a chance to reject me

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