Can someone give me examples of how these would act? Kinda examples like this:

by Whatever:
To give a working example of these functions, let’s send Se, Ne, Si and Ni out together on an archeological expedition to dig up 3 toed hippopotamuses out of a corn field in Iowa- Se is happily pulling out the bones and laying them out into how they most likely fit together while the hippopotamus was still alive, using joints, cues on how things fit and what the function of the bone was as cues. Ne is busy trying to decide whether the hippopotamus was grey, brown, green or furry… it’s looking at the bone structure that Se is building and mentally building an image of the hippopotamus. Si is looking for signs as to what killed the hippopotamuses in a database of ancient historical meteorological and geological trends… maybe comparing these trends to things that had caused other mass deaths of creatures could give an insight as to why all of the hippopotamuses here died. Ni knows that whatever killed the hippopotamuses can also kill large numbers of humans; Ni also knows that it was invited along because it’s spouse tends to pack lunch for everyone that Ni hangs out with.