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    Quote Originally Posted by Illmatic View Post
    And i already go see a psychologist.

    From This site:
    Extraverted Sensing occurs when we become aware of what is in the physical world in rich detail. We may be drawn to act on what we experience to get an immediate result. We notice relevant facts and occurrences in a sea of data and experiences, learning all the facts we can about the immediate context or area of focus and what goes on in that context. An active seeking of more and more input to get the whole picture may occur until all sources of input have been exhausted or something else captures our attention. Extraverted Sensing is operating when we freely follow exciting physical impulses or instincts as they come up and enjoy the thrill of action in the present moment. A oneness with the physical world and a total absorption may exist as we move, touch, and sense what is around us. The process involves instantly reading cues to see how far we can go in a situation and still get the impact we want or respond to the situation with presence.
    Introverted Sensing often involves storing data and information, then comparing and contrasting the current situation with similar ones. The immediate experience or words are instantly linked with the prior experiences, and we register a similarity or a difference—for example, noticing that some food doesn’t taste the same or is saltier than it usually is. Introverted Sensing is also operating when we see someone who reminds us of someone else. Sometimes a feeling associated with the recalled image comes into our awareness along with the information itself. Then the image can be so strong, our body responds as if reliving the experience. The process also involves reviewing the past to draw on the lessons of history, hindsight, and experience. With introverted Sensing, there is often great attention to detail and getting a clear picture of goals and objectives and what is to happen. There can be a oneness with ageless customs that help sustain civilization and culture and protect what is known and long-lasting, even while what is reliable changes.

    Extraverted iNtuiting involves noticing hidden meanings and interpreting them, often entertaining a wealth of possible interpretations from just one idea or interpreting what someone’s behavior really means. It also involves seeing things “as if,” with various possible representations of reality. Using this process, we can juggle many different ideas, thoughts, beliefs, and meanings in our mind at once with the possibility that they are all true. This is like weaving themes and threads together. We don’t know the weave until a thought thread appears or is drawn out in the interaction of thoughts, often brought in from other contexts. Thus a strategy or concept often emerges from the here-and-now interactions, not appearing as a whole beforehand. Using this process we can really appreciate brainstorming and trust what emerges, enjoying imaginative play with scenarios and combining possibilities, using a kind of cross-contextual thinking. Extraverted iNtuiting also can involve catalyzing people and extemporaneously shaping situations, spreading an atmosphere of change through emergent leadership.
    Introverted iNtuiting involves synthesizing the seemingly paradoxical or contradictory, which takes understanding to a new level. Using this process, we can have moments when completely new, unimagined realizations come to us. A disengagement from interactions in the room occurs, followed by a sudden “Aha!” or “That’s it!” The sense of the future and the realizations that come from introverted iNtuiting have a sureness and an imperative quality that seem to demand action and help us stay focused on fulfilling our vision or dream of how things will be in the future. Using this process, we might rely on a focal device or symbolic action to predict, enlighten, or transform. We could find ourselves laying out how the future will unfold based on unseen trends and telling signs. This process can involve working out complex concepts or systems of thinking or conceiving of symbolic or novel ways to understand things that are universal. It can lead to creating transcendent experiences or solutions.
    You can also say that Ns focus primarily on the future, whereas Ss focus on the here and now, what is known, and experiences from the past.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Illmatic View Post
    I am always depressed about my life. Not being tall, not being good looking, the way i talk etc. I was actually reallly sad about not being tall and i was angry at my parents but i don't tell anyone. Don't wanna seem like a Drama queen. I wanna be a good fighter, but idk about that being 5'5.

    I usually wanna be like an ISTP. Spike Spiegel, Michael Westen. I have a own world pictured in my head where i am a badass. I am a gun slinger strategist and shit a pure badass in my head. Barely talking.

    I am concious about who i am seen with and shit. I always think 'am i making this person look bad?' 'What would people think if they see me with them'?'

    I think about dying, killing myself a lot.

    I usually write lyrics and shittt. Rap lyrics. I try to rap it but i fail.

    I don't think about being happy in the future, i wanna be happy now, today and tommorow. Fuck tommorow. I always think after 18, life's gonna suck all grown up and shit.

    Not asking for help or nething, just the MBTI which would fit these characteristics.
    actually, it sounds like what would benefit you more than MBTI would be the Enneagram. MBTI deals with which cognitive functions one uses (Intuition, Sensing, Thinking and Feeling). Enneagram deals with core motivations, fears and avoidances and it's a great tool for the psychologically unhealthy to figure out what they're missing and how to get it. your post gives off vibes of types 2, 4, 6, and especially type 3, but I would suggest you dive a little further.

    this sight can help

    but you can also try the enneagram forum on TypeC if you have more questions. good luck brother

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    I can't really say anything about the MBTI since I am new but I have a feeling you are about wanting to kill yourself and all......don't please......... don't think about that (I have too but I was able to come out of it once I realized that God does not give burdens to those who can not bear it)
    Being ugly and all is ok (I am too) being short is also ok (currently 4'9) learning how to fight can be done in any height and I do it too (green belt in karate) Also if other people think they are looking bad by standing near you or being seen with you, then just don't make friends with such people........stay away, and if they come to you then don't push them back.
    The world is filled with people, and you aren't the only one who has these problems, there are people who don't care about looks or height (like me) who would be your friends. As for not knowing how to act around people, just be yourself, if that makes them go away let them, at least you are not having to act while living your life, don't envy those with friends or looks trust me they have problems too. (I know you don't envy them but just saying, also your parents didn't exactly choose how tall you would be or how you would look like, so don't direct your anger towards them. Plus keeping your problems in is a very bad idea, unless you have a method of taking out those negative feelings in private)
    That's all I can say for now, killing yourself will make no one happy, and causing pain to those who love you is the last thing you want I am sure.
    Nobody is evil, nobody is wrong, nobody hates you; but yourself.

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    18 year old is still pretty much a kid.

    ill tell you a secret. when you grow up, like when you turn 18, you will notice that its no big deal, you most likely wont see any deal about it at all. then you start to think something like when you turn 25, your life will be over, but once you turn 25, you wont see whats the big deal about it. then you create new age that you think your life will end, but you most likely wont see whats the big deal with it once you are that age. then you do this till you die or you notice at some point that it wont be a big deal no matter how old you are. maybe you get some mid life crisis or 30's crisis when you notice that time goes faster and faster all the time, but you shouldnt worry about that yet.

    and btw if you read that post after few years, you'll laugh your ass off
    "Where wisdom reigns, there is no conflict between thinking and feeling."
    — C.G. Jung


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