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    Quote Originally Posted by Mort Belfry View Post
    I hate it when people say things like, "I'm an INTJ, but I'm quite P, maybe I'm an INTP sometimes."
    You chose the wrong Type to use with INTJs. Heh. They aren't real INTJs. You're just jealous. But, what people? I've never heard such a thing before of INTJs. Really.

    MBTI comes down to the eight functions, people aren't P'ish or J'ish, they just either have dominant Ti, Fi, Ne & Se or dominant Te, Fe, Ni & Si.
    Not P-ish or J-ish but they indicate which one of your functions get used outwardly or inwardly according to I or E. From what I've somewhat guessed, it'd be: IJ or IP explaining how odd CPs are motivated outward by the even CPs. EJ or EP explaining how odd CPs are motivated inward by the even CPs. Within the first 4 CPs and then switched with the last 4 CPs.. (Sorry, can't Ti well enough to explain it better. But I know it or am coming to know it... Ha--*awaiting certain people to either explain better or chew me out*) For ex, ENP. Dom Ne wants to keep possibilities open outwardly. Auxiliary Ti/Fi wants to order and focus inwardly. And so on down the CP musically coloured spectrum.

    The J vs P stereotype is unbelievable, anyway. Well, not unbelievable..just incorrect. Dom Ni is a perceiving function while the J renders both INFJs/INTJs an overall Judging one. And people just get that "P or J" = stereoTypes. N + S are perceiving functions which gathers information while T + F are judging functions which make decisions. So we all use both "J" and "P". It just depends for which function and how their used. Our Doms (and Auxiliary) take more precedence unless people evolve and become more balanced with the rest of their CPs. That's when we appear more similar, not boxed in by our (conditioned) mentalities. But we'll still return inside the box with our Doms/Auxs when under stress. It'll be our understanding of our CPs (whether one knows CPs or not) which can help get us out and become balanced again.

    Some people seem to chop and change from one type to another. It's like they're saying their inborn dominant functions have changed from one day to the next. I think people should really study MBTI before making these choices in the first place instead of changing five weeks later.
    Belfry! Suggest that people study before tackling it or claiming shit?! Please create a system to ensure it. Oh, but you can't control the people? Ahh.. Do as Hitler did and perfect your Fe...until you Fe-overload crash...

    I'm sorry to say it, but ALL of these people are ESFPs.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ezra View Post
    Consider the following scenario:

    You are an ISFx. You normally score as ISFP, but recently, J has become more evident. So what does this mean, you suddenly go from having Fi and Se to having Si and Fe as dominant and auxiliary functions respectively? It means your whole psychological makeup changes, just because of the way in which you're scoring? Of course not. This is why, as Splittet often professes, typing by functions is far more effective. It makes much more sense, and is so much more logically consistent.
    Just from your example, it should be reminded that the J/P dichotomy only determines how you prefer to extravert. With that being said, and from your example, the first four preferences for ISFP are: Fi-Se-Ni-Te. You may know that you are a feeling type in general and since Fi does not equate to Fe, then you're really not using the latter function. Instead you are using Te most likely.

    As for your final comment on using the cognitive test, it's not a good idea for the exact reasons given. If anyone wonders why they can't determine their best fit type after retaking test, but the cognitive test specifically, then consider that your preferences for different functions are constantly changing to adapt to your immediate needs. Solution: Get away from test and do some honest self-reflection. Test are only as viable as person taking it is honest with themselves.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DeliriousDisposition View Post
    You chose the wrong Type to use with INTJs. Heh. They aren't real INTJs. You're just jealous. But, what people? I've never heard such a thing before of INTJs. Really.
    INTJ was just an example, I haven't heard an INTJ say it either. But me, jealous of an INTJ? How dare you? I'm more likely to be jealous of a glass of water.
    Why do we always come here?

    I guess we'll never know.

    It's like a kind of torture,
    To have to watch this show.

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