I didn't realize wikia had ads, as I use Adblock I can see where ads would turn people off.

So, what do we need in a wiki package?
  • Allow accounts for individuals
  • Maybe allow the option for guests to edit; this is low priority, though
  • Simple formatting, such as bold and headings
  • Ability to organize type descriptions, function descriptions, resources (e.g. books and links), and other random thoughts on type (e.g. "T women" or "ENFPs' thoughts on ENTJs")
  • Categorize and/or tag articles (e.g. "Type description," "Resource"...)
  • Easily accessible and not too annoying to the end user, focus on content (e.g. ads are a disadvantage here)
  • Allow for some administrative control by select users (e.g. to set options for the entire wiki)

From this perspective, Wikia seems fine to me, but let me know if there's anything that I'm missing that we want in a wiki package, and I'll check it out. I haven't delved into Wikispaces too much yet.

Speaking of, our alternatives seem to be:
  • Wikia
  • Wikispaces
  • Server-hosted application (including pmwiki, dokuwiki, and others)

Wikia does seem good, but I'll check into wikispaces when I have time.

On a side note.. I don't think each type needs its own wiki. There are a lot of common elements between the types, and we also want to open up discussion about typology in general. We do, of course, need a way to organize or tag descriptions by type where necessary, though.