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    Default 8 Cognitive Processes Dominant and 2ndary Interactions: What They Look Like

    Usehername has a plan for a useful thread:

    Part A: compile a link-filled past history thread where people have discussed the interaction of dominant and auxiliary functions and what they look like. This can be here or The Other Place.

    Part B: Additionally, can we discuss it in this thread? Personal experiences? Anecdotes? Rambling thoughts? Theories as to how the auxiliary augments the primary function?

    For example: Ne as a dominant function looks a lot different when the auxiliary is Ti instead of Fi. My primary objective is to provide a more explicit, universal location where we can better understand what the different functions look like, and how they are affected by one's secondary function.

    The options:
    Fe dominant (ExFJ)
    Te dominant (ExTJ)
    Ne dominant (ENxP)
    Se dominant (ESxP)
    Fi dominant (IxFP)
    Ti dominant (IxTP)
    Ni dominant (INxJ)
    Si dominant (ISxJ)

    Websites to inform people on what we're dealing with:
    Understanding the Eight Jungian Cognitive Processes / Eight Functions Attitudes (quick read)
    Tracking, Vol. I, Chapter 1 (slower, more detailed. not nearly deeply enough explored, though, and hence, this thread. but solid read.)
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    I wonder what Ti and Ni look like together, and how they might look like in a loop for INFJs and ISTPs, unless the Jungian cognitive functions theory is incorrect, of course I have not researched it enough yet to come to any sound conclusions on its validity.

    I should probably be asking what are the differences between TiSe, TiNe, and NiTe.

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    Oh man. Me and my INTP best friend, @pv255, have discussed this at length, but I don't know if I have it in me to go into detail at the moment. Instead I'll bookmark this, and come back later
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