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    Quote Originally Posted by Vorm Krieg View Post
    Oh, and the xxTP bonding you're talking about would probably be Fe, no?
    I suppose so.. but one limited by the ITP's niche or realm of interests and perceptions. Rather than the inclination towards Fe, for it's own sake.

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    People do join gangs for many, many reasons. Abuse and poverty tend to be most common, but by far not always. There are some people who join gangs in order to have some assistance on running their business. There are some people who join gangs just to have fun. And there are some gangs that are so embedded into the community that gang membership runs in families. Which again highlights the diversity of people who join gangs.

    In addition, some people can be coerced into joining a gang when the gang is in a desperate situation, such as being theratened by a more powerful gang over territory or wanting to take over territory. There people are often coerced into joining by means of physical harrassment. Some of these people tend to stick, while others are dropped by the gang once the gang crisis is over.
    Feel free to dispute my type.

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    Most gang leaders are ESTJs.

    The best gang leaders are ISTJs, and possibly some INTJs rarely.

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    Well, I think Extraverts are more likely to join gangs, because they're fairly socially complex organizations. Introverts would rather go it alone with crime, stealing things in secret.

    I also think Perceiving types are more likely, because they don't think ahead the way Judging types tend to.

    So, all together, that means that ExxP types are more likely gang members. Although I can see an ExxJ being a gang leader, I can't really see them as members...

    In a really bad town where people have to band together to survive, though, any type might join one.

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