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    I was just PM'ing someone about the exact same issue (i.e. people being typetards).

    A lot a folks associate a certain type with self worth (lol, stupid) and get severely butt hurt when someone suggests another type. Many others plain don't know wtf they are talking about. Also cognitive functions is so fucking vague and voodoo like that any slight variations in mood or style of talking can be "successfully" argued as an attribute of a specific type.

    But my dear OP, you better shut your whore mouth about Kiersey. That man is a saint, despite his (oh so subtle) flaws.
    Listen to me, baby, you got to understand, you're old enough to learn the makings of a man.

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    Quote Originally Posted by _Poki_ View Post
    Not really. ISTP is P with a dom judging...INTJ is a J with a dom perception. It basically means either an internal perception(can be seen as a judging function) or an extraverted judging function is more prevelant. Ji is an internal deciding function and Pe is more of a pulling in data, while Pi is more of a data is already present. So Pe can be highly non social, but perceptive which is not "externally judgy".

    J is not tied to T/F nor is P tied to S/N. It actually does best define personality, but not qualities. "Qualities" already have "judgmental" notation around the meaning. A J is more likely to care about being "percieved" as neat or orderly while a P is more likely to not care whether they are "percieved" as neat or messy. But its still a preference and certain situations like trying to impress or push away a single person or group CAN cause someont to act outside of there default personality.

    literally it tells you what is extraverted - Judging or Perceiving. someone who extraverts Judgment looks more decisive from the outside because they are more decisive in relation to external things. a P will tend to care less about external organization because our internal organization takes precedence.

    personally i like being externally organized and do care about it, but when i get very stressed out, my external organization goes to hell because i am more concerned about the inward things.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Santtu View Post
    It only becomes impossible if one takes too many constraints based on theory, not observance. The function order theory is a nice effort but not good.
    This, too. If you're trying for a coherent explanation for human cognition, you might as well base it in reality. Otherwise, you end up with stuff like the following:

    Quote Originally Posted by Orangey View Post
    Also, you should add #10 - Arbitrary Function Equivalencies. Ti+Fe != Fi. Neither does Ni+Fe, or whatever other BS people come up with. You cannot rationalize things in this way and expect to come out with an accurate typing for yourself or for others. It just mires down the entire process in more confusion.
    Seriously, I totally agree with this. The more unfounded constraints you place (e.g. "such and such a type only uses four functions, but that's okay because X+Y=Z") within your theory, the more ridiculous you're going to look when you attempt to perform the necessary mental gymnastics required to explain certain cognitive processes and behavior patterns.

    Can I also add #n, which is the positive feedback loop of "Wait, who's this jerk? He must be using Te, because he's being a jerk. Probably ESTJ. Wait! Te must be a terrible function, because this ESTJ is a jerk!"

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