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    I bought the Essential Jung: Selected Writings, selected by Anthony Storr, last night. So, not really what any of you suggested. But it has a fairly comprehensive introduction which gives an overview of his life and ideas, and then essential bits from various of his works. I think it will be good for a starter anyway, to browse through, and see if I want to go any further. Of course it's a bit bitty but I wanted an overview more so than anything else, even more than anything dealing specifically indepth with the personality types.

    I browsed through that a bit last night, including some of the stuff about synchronicity - then was on the underground to work this morning, listening to Led Zeppelin on my MP3 player (haven't listened to them a lot for a while, though a little more again recently), and realised that the guy next to me was reading the famous book about Zeppelin, Hammer of the Gods. Ah, synchronicity. I love it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by SilkRoad View Post
    What about the collective unconscious/archetype stuff? In some way that has always fascinated me. It probably goes back to my Sting/Police obsession and Synchronicity...
    Listening to Murder By Numbers off the Synchronicity CD, as we speak.
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    What you wanna do is get that interview Jung did when he was really old.

    Conversations with Carl Jung and Reactions from Ernest Jones. Book by Richard I. Evans

    Ernest Jones is very sharp and forces Jung to clarify and explain a lot of things in simpler terms. There is only a short chapter on the functions, but in terms of the basics it's very helpful, IMO.

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    best collection of philosopher typings online

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    I actually would begin with one of the books about him and his theories rather than any writing by him himself, I'm particularly recommend Anthony Storr and Anthony Stevens, there was a combination of the two in a single book once I think. They may have written introductions to Freud too. Storr I dont think is a Jungian so he's a little more objective, Stevens is a bit more of a fan boy but still less esoteric than some.

    It gives a good overview because there are bits and pieces of seperate core theories for Jung, his archetypes theory, his personality typology, his three layered dream theory (personal, cultural/historical, collective/archetypal unconscious), the complexes integration in a mandala like conceptualisation of the psyche (as opposed to Freud's tripartite psyche of id, ego, superego) which crop up in all his writing and make it difficult.

    I read a book in the routledge classics from between the wars which included his essay Woden, it was total nonsense when I read it first, I read it later after reading the intros and modern man in search of his soul and dreams, it made more sense then.

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    I read a few of his books a long time ago, it was quite confusing. However "Psychological types" is easier to understand. I recommend it.

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