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    Hell. No.

    Terrible idea.

    Unmet emotional needs, much?
    a cat is fine too

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    Listening to Nirvana Radio Friendly Unit Shifter yesterday- "love you for what I am not, did not want what I have got.."

    It seemed appropriate.

    I think as a 5w4 INFP, that's the deal. I am a very NT-like NF, so it seems redundant. As a Fi-dom who's kind of out of touch with her feelings, I like someone who is emotionally expressive. It helps coax mine out of their cage. So I married an ESFP two, which yes, can be crazy amounts of emotion sometimes, but at least I know how he feels! (And him being male I think tempers it a bit...)

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    Quote Originally Posted by chachamaru View Post
    Hell. No.

    Terrible idea.

    Unmet emotional needs, much?
    You can't be serious... :| not all NTs are emotionally dead, Some are healthier and better at examining and expressing their emotions, as well as meeting the emotional needs of their partners, that's a might broad brush to paint that you did there. heh, it's like me saying all ENFPs are attention-whores or NF's can't be rational ... clearly that is not the case.

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    As an ENFP married to and ENTJ, I can say that and NF/NT relationship can be highly fulfilling. But understanding MBTI totally changed our relationship about 4 years in. Actually, it was Kiersey's book, Please Understand Me II that did it. I began trying to communicate my feelings more logically to him, and he worked on constantly praising me. We haven't had a perfect relationship and it has been pretty emotional for me - and actually for him too, but it has definitely been the most rewarding thing I've ever done with my life. He gets me and my philosophical craziness like no one ever has. And he has challenged me and helped me grow. And he encourages me in my pursuits because he gets it.

    I can see the other posters' views of needing more fun and to get out of their head so they are drawn to SPs. My brother is an SP and he is hilarious! I love hanging out with him. My closest friends and most favorite people though are mostly other NFs. I'm pretty sure that comes from the narcissistic side of the ENFP though.

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