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    Quote Originally Posted by Lightyear View Post
    Some people in this thread are describing that they could go without people contact for a week, despite being an introvert that sounds like hell to me.
    I can understand that. But personally, I would actually prefer it most of the time, so it sounds like heaven to me.

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    I'm pretty sure I'm I, and in any case I'm surely a social introvert. What with still living with my mother the longest I've gone with absolutely no face-to-face human interaction and no direct internet interaction (as in no chatting, but some foruming) and almost no phone contact (neither talking nor texting) is maybe two or three days, and I could have gone longer for sure. I'm thinking a week and a half could be my upper line, but I'm not sure. When I move out I'll have to stock up on food and see how long I'll last. It could be interesting.

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    not seeing anyone or no contact at all? i could probably go a week maybe 2 without seeing anyone. but only a couple days without any communication.

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    I could probably go several days in a row without any in-person conversation (I don't count things like grocery store).

    Without any communication whatsoever, including online forums or email, probably just a day.
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    I like having people around, but not all in my face. Just pleasantly around. Them doing their own thing, me doing mine. Occasional chit chat.

    Purely alone, I go maybe a few hours. If I'm by myself too long I end up having to go to the gym or for a walk or see what a friend or my sis is doing, or falling asleep. But usually a roommate comes home after not too long.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Qlippoth View Post
    Introverts: How long can you without human contact before you start to feel off?
    To be honest I'm not sure I've ever reached that limit, as long as you're talking about direct human contact. I've gone as much as a week at a time at home without actually speaking to another person, and I was fine. If I go a long time, my desire for human contact can be fulfilled by simply being in a shopping mall or coffee shop or other place where people gather. But I don't need to actually interact with any of those people. I find that I'm looking to get away from people much more often than I'm looking to connect with them.

    The exception would be internet interaction, be it forums like this or IM. Those don't drain me in the same way speaking on the phone or being with people in person do.
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    I need a good bit of alone time interspersed with periods of background or intense contact with others.

    I can satisfy my need for contact by being in the presence of someone I care about (without a lot of interaction) or through online forums/messages between friends. The intense contact--it's the ENTP in me coming out--is the hardest one to satisfy because it consists of idea/thought exchanges. I want them to be like a high-powered racquetball game or where we are playing with the ideas...exploring them. I enjoy plunking down something and getting someone to dissect it with me. It's really hard to find someone to do that with. I want to know what they think. I get intense cravings for responses and feedback. This has gotten me into trouble more than once.

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    I was originally going to say 2-3 days before I start becoming too caught up in my head in a negative way, and bored. But that's in everyday life if I am not working at anything or out and about doing things. So, if I'm stuck in my apartment, I'm usually ok for about 2 days - and that's without phone calls or any communication, and a lack of stimulation. Beyond 2 days and I become unhappy.

    If I'm really stimulated- let's say I'm traveling somewhere new, or out of the country. From experience I know I can go 10 days virtually totally on my own, entertaining myself, without needing conversations outside of a few sentences here and there. But, in these situations, I am often surrounded by people or am actually DOING something externally - engaging in something in some way and not just totally in my head. At about 10 days, I hit a wall and crave a real connection. When I get past that day or two, I'm good once again and can go another 10 days without much of anything.

    My IDEAL in 'normal life', which I strive for, is doing something or other either socially, with my boyfriend, or on my own but still out and about (i.e. a yoga class, or a hike by myself), three or four days a week, with a day to myself, in my apartment, in between all of those days.

    But also, with close friends or my boyfriend, I could easily cohabitate with them and see them everyday, while still having my 'alone' time and I wouldn't get overwhelmed or anything.
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    Haha...just kidding, but sometimes it feels that way. However, if I'm with people I find tedious/boring/mean/whiny I will eventually want to get away and do something else. I don't really like interacting with people so much as I like interacting with the world around me.

    Although there are some people I can never get enough of.

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