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    Personally? I use divining rods.

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    I think I use Ni when I'm in my own bubble of symbolism/syncronism - it's almost like a trance, and I can jump in or out of it. I'm Alice in wonderland, and all the world speaks to me. Three rocks on the path can tell me to go left, and specific colors on candlesticks have made me decide to go for a certain education. Time is irrelevant; suddenly I've spent 1,5 hours in a grocery store and barely noticed it. I use this when I interpret tarot cards - it's a bridge between my conscious and my unconscious in a way. Sometimes words just pop up if I do an interpretation for someone. I let myself lead through the city without aim (i'm normally very in control) - and suddenly bump into people I've just been thinking about, or someone I really need to talk to.
    Sometimes I've tried to download what happens - writing things down without consciously judging what I'm writing (automatic writing) and this has given me insights as to how it works for me.

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