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any others? How do you feel about your life?

If you strongly think you have another non-standard jungian function pair as your dominant functions, how do work it out with the MBTI system?

(Say you strongly associate with dominant Ne Si, or some other non-standard combination).

What you make of it?
For quite a while I believed my Ni was stronger than my Ne, which would have made for a function combination of Fi/Ni which would be non-standard, but I have fairly weak Fe so that helped rule out INFJ and left INFP. I have in recent weeks come to see that I really do use Ne a lot more than I had previously realized, so the combination of Fi/Ne is not unreasonable, but feeling a strong connection to Ni is still out of place. When I look at the early development descriptions at Personality and Kids I relate more to both INJ and ITP development patterns than I do to the IFP development pattern, and I think its safe to say I had non-standard development (not developing Fi til later in life even though it seems to be my dominant trait now, and supposedly the dominant function should be the first to develop). I'm not sure if its a matter of fighting what I was at an early age, or life changing experiences in my teens and early 20s being the defining factor or some combination.

I don't place much credibility in that function order test, but I re-took it just now, and here are the results listed in numeric result order.

Fi - 51.8
Ni - 38.5
Ne - 36.6
Ti - 28.6
Si - 24.3
Se - 22.8
Fe - 22.6
Te - 14.2