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    Question ENPs: Enneagram and YOU

    Well, I am trying to be all Te-like and do some research.

    I was wondering how you Ne-doms feel about the enneagram? How does it work for you, is it better or worse than MBTI for you? Are you absolutely sure of your type, or do you not really fit into one box? Or maybe you have never been interested in it enough to even get to the point of typing yourself. Whatever your story, I would be interested to know.

    Note: I know this seems like it might belong in the Enneagram forum, but the whole point is to find out more about ENPs, so I feel like it belongs here. Move it if you must.

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    well you already generally know for me, but for the sake of formal-ish data collection...

    i'm very sure of my MBTI type but not at all sure where i stand with the enneagram. i could be a 7w6 or 3 (either wing), and have 4 (either wing) leanings as well. i suppose i could even be a 2w3. i don't feel like any of those types accurately captures my greatest fears or my general pattern of reasoning and behavior. i've learned a lot about the enneagram, its ins and outs and history and correlations, but oddly none of that has done much for elucidation. with the MBTI, the more i learned, the more obvious my type was. i have heard this is because the MBTI tracks conscious as well as unconscious patterns, while the enneagram largely deals with the unconscious.

    a lot of people in the enneagram forum have been very sweet to try to help me with typing, and i am leaning towards 3, but i still don't really even see how the enneagram could potentially be as helpful for my self-growth as my understanding of the MBTI has been. i feel like it is very limited in general, much as i want to connect with it because of all its neat spiritual underpinnings.

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    I've been unsure of both at different times, started out thinking I was an INTJ 5w4 fo' crists sake!!

    Both add information that helps improvement, MBTI is more helpful for me when understanding others, Enneagram is more personally helpful, by a long shot.

    If I had to use one or the other to give you an image of who I am I would say I'm a 7w8 sp/so, not that I'm an ENTP.

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    i relate to the enneagram much more. also what little i've read of it
    is still a lot more than what i've read for the mbti. i don't relate to
    most of the enfps on this forum at all. and i get distracted by NTs,
    so i just end up spying on the ones i like.

    a lot of people perceive me as a 7, and the free tests i took all said
    i was 7, but 8 always came closely behind. (1-2 point difference).
    but i was convinced i was a 2 for the longest time. took the
    riso hudson paid test, came out as an 8. took it a few more times
    results would alternate between 7 & 8.

    finally went out and bought a couple books:
    (2 palmers: enneagram , enneagram in love and work;
    2 riso-hudsons: wisdom, personality types;
    hurley&dobson: what's my type
    and a 2-3 other authors i forgot)

    and bam. i was sure: 8w7.
    every normal man must be tempted, at times,
    to spit on his hands, hoist the black flag,
    and begin slitting throats.
    h.l. mencken

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    It's like that: if you have a room with a lot of tools in it you definitly mess around with everything and try out what you can get out of this: this mbti.

    But if you have a huge space of nothing and only a huge flieing 3 in the middle which tells you, you can be everything, this kinda boring

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