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    Default Do you guys try to assign a type to everyone you meet too?

    I currently do. And it's driving me crazy. The more I learn about MBTI, the more I try to assign types to people. Apart of me loves it and finds it fascinating and very useful, but at the same time it's extremely tiring.

    I blame my dominant Ti... I think. In the end it's also kind of depressing (I know... a few sentences ago I said I loved it...). But, I mean, sometimes you just want to meet and enjoy the surprises people can bring without constantly having to over analyze it. Right?

    Am I making sense? If so, do you have this problem? Is your cpu about to overheat too?

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    I used to be frantic about it as well. In the beginning, when I first tried to make sense of it all. It'll pass. I still do type everybody around me, but it's like something automatic and it doesn't cause any overheating anymore. It's just fun, but there's more to people than their types. Give it time.

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    I tried thinking through my wife's type. Almost drove me crazy. Other than that I have guessed, but it is more like pin the tail on the donkey than anything.

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    I don't try, it comes natural. /Ne

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    Sometimes I notice if somebody seems really strong in one of the letters/functions. It's not usually clear about all of them though. For example, my American roommate seems like a very strong E and P.
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    Yeah, sometimes I wish I could just get to know someone without analysing them to death (or analysing our friendship to death), but I figure, if this is what my brain gonna do automatically for the foreseeable future, then I might as well roll with it. It stops the burnout. I let my brain piece together a type for the person and then I can relax. Or, if I'm bored with a person and our conversation, I'll turn to typing them to have some mental fun.

    But finding the flaws in MBTI will help, too (because there are a number of them). And finding them will give you a lot of perspective and once you know that the system is faulty and could be improved, you'll naturally put less stock in it (or, I'm assuming you will, because that's how Ti manifests itself in me sometimes).

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    The only people in real life I try to type are the ones that I know well. But once in awhile, someone I meet is the poster child for a certain type and I find that interacting with them is easier since their cognitive functions also come to mind.

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    I try to figure out which functions they are using when I'm bored, which makes it less boring of course.
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    I don't always actively try to figure it out, though I get feelings about what types people might be. I usually have all my friends take the Myers-Briggs test. All of them, so far, are introverts. It's amazing that we all found each other.

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