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    8 36.36%
  • ESTJ

    5 22.73%
  • ESFJ

    8 36.36%
  • Other

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    people think America's type is ESTJ because it USED to be ESTJ. nowadays, there is nothing Te about it at all
    - people are incredibly inefficient
    - there are more socialists and self proclaimed communists than capitalists
    - people are emotionally reactive and easily offended
    - political correctness dominates society
    - most people nowadays say "it's not about the money" (this is not TJ at all lol)
    - so few people are good at planning
    - in fact, so few people use any logic whatsoever
    - pop culture is hipster/new age
    - most people don't think about the consequences of their actions at all
    - all of the wrong things are incentivized socially

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    America is ENTP/ESTP hisorically. From the '40s on it's been SJ with an NP period from the mid-60s 'till the mid-70s.

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    I've always thought SP, but

    Quote Originally Posted by MacGuffin View Post
    America is an SJ society that idolizes the SP temperament.
    this makes more sense now that I think about it.

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