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Where is the line between "mature" and using discernment OR becoming corrupt by allowing one's own moral compass to be adjusted to fit the world?
People develop anxieties toward things/ideas/people--even very neutral ones. Counselors help them by giving them coping tools so that they can deal with their fears maturely. It's one of the basic foundations of modern psychology. I'm just plugging MBTI into that basic psychological foundation.

I'm discussing this in the framework of basic psychology for dealing with predictable MBTI type-related anxieties: for example, an INTP's anxiety when dealing with emotional situations, or an ENFP's anxiety when told to be alone and define his inner world, or an INFJ's anxiety when having to deal with conflict, or an INFP's anxiety when put in a leadership role, etc.

I don't think concerns about "corrupting one's moral compass" are really pertinent here, except maybe as an outlier issue.