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    Thinking about type dynamics, I developed this idea of how certain types' perceiving and judging functions interact in the most personalized way. I went back and forth for a while, trying to figure out my true personality type, or best fit anyway, cycling between infp, intp, as on every test i took i always came out heavily P. I identified with both descriptions however, which, when viewed through the lens of type dynamics is completely incompatible.

    Something that really made it clear to me that I am infj, was something I read about how to distinguish between infp and infj. (After reading on various boards the kinds of opinions and thoughts and approaches of F and T types, it was abundantly clear to me that I was a strong F). Basically, which of your first two functions (N or F) do you value the most or which function would you miss the most? This is a simplified test, and it didn't sink in right away for me. I couldn't even tell what my gut reaction was, because I was immediately so conflicted. As I was at this time in a low frame of mind, I had been over-analyzing myself constantly and feeling depressed, mainly about the perceived state of my close relationships. I thought of this depression as a form of intense feeling, and considerd it Fi. It is hard to force intuition, and at this moment, my Ni had taken a back seat to my self analysis (Ti) of my feelings.

    Over time, my anxiety and depression improved a lot as i was in more personally stimulating and enjoyable school and social situation. I continually reprocessed this simple idea of which function I placed more value on. I realized that as I became more and more at ease with myself once again, I felt better about my social life and close relationsips, and my Ni was much more active. Deep perceptual and philosophical exploration again became one of my most enjoyable and beneficial "activities" (confounding to others though...), and this made me realize that my Ni was truly the function that I could not live with out.

    Now to get back on topic and expound on the idea of preferred function, which for introverts theoretically is an introverted function, I developed this idea of "The Zone." What and where is The Zone, you ask?

    I don't think any function can be identified as "functioning" purely on its own.
    I value my Ni above all other functions, but the only means for me to explore the deep complex ideas brought to my consciousness by it is by analyzing them with Ti. There is a delicate balance between the 2, in that if I am too heavy on the Ni and light on the Ti, my ideas become quickly too abstract too expound upon. There is deep insight there, I just can;t build on it in a focused way. On the other hand, if I get too entrenched in Ti, i start to run in endless loops and my imaginaton is limited.

    Basically my definition of "The Zone" is: the synergy and balance between preferred introverted functions (applying to introverts) and extroverted functions for extroverts(?)

    I just now realize that this may only be applicable to introverts, but it is where our most internal, individual, thoughts, perceptions, and feelings are formed, whatever it is that gives us our essence. I have been able to apply this to most people I know very closely, and in just recently applying this technique, I feel I have gotten some further insight into nearly all of my close relationships. I would appreciate if anybody else would help me explore this idea and give me their take on it. Also I would really like some thoughts from an extrovert's perspective. Is the extrovert's zone extroverted or introverted? If it is introverted then is it less powerful or just more subconscious?
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    misha, I tried to read this post but quit because your avatar hurts my eyes. Just FYI.

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    well your not the first person to say that so ive changed it. i hope its not quite as dizzying (although its still weird ) .

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