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    Quote Originally Posted by Jennifer View Post
    You're right on this one (imo) -- I think that's a lousy question because of the ways in which it can be interpreted.

    Also, I think it adds to the S/N rift because S's feel that they're being told they're not creative (and some believe it!) and N's feel like they're being told they are not practical (and some believe that!)

    I think creativity is any situation where one comes up with a novel approach that gets the job done... and so a creative person could be either S or N. Meanwhile, practicality means taking the "realistic" parameters into account and not getting off on some esoteric track, just plowing straight through the necessary effort needed to reach the goal. S and N people can all do this, even while pursuing S or N-flavored goals.

    So the creative/practical box, if examined, seems very sloppy and not helpful for a large section of people.
    Bravo! Well said!

    I know that everyone uses each preference at times, and when any type is using Sensing his/her creative energy will produce something different from using Intuition to channel it. The preferences and type theory is really a language which we can use to talk about some methods, habits, and patterns of thought, etc. It was never meant to be a gate to exclude certain things for certain people, i.e, creativity and practicality.

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    Quote Originally Posted by INTJMom View Post

    But they asked me which do I admire more?
    I happen to admire those things in others that I cannot do myself.

    Yes, this has always bothered me as well. I too admire skills in others that I'm not so good at myself. Questions phrased like this are not a great way to find out what someone does well themself.

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    I follow what you're saying. My dad is an ENTJ and he definitely has a very preactical side. Even so, my ISTJ mom is extremely more practical than he is.

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    What does practical mean anyway? Does it mean to apply efficient solutions? In that case, I am sure ENTJs would agree they are practical, because they are all about efficient solutions, which are the nature of Te.

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