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    Quote Originally Posted by ygolo View Post
    For introverts, the value of their own extraverted functions is clear. The extraverted functions keep them alive. They are the means of dealing with reality.

    Also, more broadly thinking, for anyone, extraverted functions are what keep the world functioning (it seems to me at least).

    Of course, people can value their extraverted functions for other reasons, but one does not need to think for too long to see the value in extraverted functions.

    But what about the introverted functions?

    From an extravert's perspective, why would one value the introverted functions?

    It is clear thet many extraverts do, but why do the value introverted functions?

    More broadly thinking, how can introverted functions be useful/valued in the world at large?
    Jung commented on Extroverted Judgment that if it steers too far away in the direction of pure extroversion there will not be any thinking at all almost. The Thinking faculty will evaporate in the face of the external object.

    Primarily extroversion is concerned with action, Introversion with contemplation. Yet not one single function possess either of the two elements in entirety, they are entwined and therefore intimately interlaced on a manifold of levels.

    All functions stem from one root, the mind. That itself is a property of Introversion. The Thinking for example of Extroverted Thinking is an introverted quality. Yet the faculty of Extroverted Thinking does not comprise of only thinking, but also with the connection of thoughts to the external world.

    Accordingly, an Extroverted minded thinker will value implementation more than contemplation. But in order to have something to implement, he must first think it through. This is where he turns to his introverted faculties. That is the need of the extrovert for introversion.

    Introversion, as pointed out in the earlier posts of this thread has merits in its own right. As an extrovert who is unable to rely on his inner life will be shallow, materialistic and thoughtless. But this isnt where that ends. He wont even be competent in the external world because he will simply have no idea what to do. Unless of course he's had the good fortune of having others think for him, where he will execute all of their directives on auto-pilot.
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    as is the general consensus, i value my introverted functions much more on a personal level than my extroverted functions. without the deep and spontaneous insights of ni i would lose the essence of my uniqueness, and be much more of a shallow person. ni allows me to process all the events that have occurred in my life and form my own worldview and philosophy from that. these are almost never evident on the outside, but i always spend time reflecting and evaluating things against this inner set of ideas i have. in the moment i may not seem like there is much purpose to my actions, but in the long term these values guide nearly all major decisions.

    since i interact with the world mainly using fe, i need some way to evaluate people without just embracing every human being i meet and sharing my life story with them. dominant ni supported by ti makes evaluating people a subconscious, automatic process, in that i am perceptive to future implications of each interaction, can gage authencticity (although i should note, i often go against my intuition on this one and trust people anyway...which i very often regret ). i can pick up on how i am perceived by others very easily and manipulate these perceptions to some degree. it sounds worse than i think it really is, because it is just something i do automatically. i notice myself doing this more than i used too...and i am also better at it , but i am more aware of my inner direction as well as the implications of my actions, so i will be less likely to use this for nefarious purposes.

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