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    Quote Originally Posted by marmalade.sunrise View Post
    Doesn't ajblaise piss you right off?
    Uhh Fi people love me, Marmogram.

    And I'm never in those Fe/Fi drama battles.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ajblaise View Post
    Uhh Fi people love me, Marmogram.

    And I'm never in those Fe/Fi drama battles.
    Oh no, see you don't understand there, Fe boy. You can't tell Fi people how they feel, or think they all love you (or hate you) collectively. There is no such thing as overall Fi consensus. Riva has to answer for himself, not because lots of other Fi people would feel the same way...that's Fe.

    Besides, I was just trying to get your goat, you hater of lolcats, you.

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    [YOUTUBE="2d5o8d1kitM"]Don't think, Feel[/YOUTUBE]

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    As an ISTJ, it's hard to explain Fi outright without having Si thrown in everywhere.

    I've always had these...images and insights flash in my head, that started since I was 10ish. It was always something to remind me of my own personal code of conduct, my own personal potential, my own personal purity. It always served as a reminder to look past what was on the surface, not of the things externally around me, but to look past the surface of the things I was involving myself in. I would always question whether I was getting caught up in something as part of an external society or as part of my own personal desires. It also would also point out to me the possibilities and existence of options outside the surface. This starts to get more into Extraverted Intuition. These ways of looking at things have always been with me and seem to serve as the anti-ISTJ, a way of keeping me from falling too far into the clutches of routines, forced decisions and inhumane outlooks. It's not a guideline. It acts as a guideline, but it is enforced through gut feelings and insight.

    Introverted Feeling is about understanding and adhering to your own sense of ethics and beliefs. Religion is a good example. Being able to recognize your own right to a decision without external influences is what leads Fi users to easier religious changes and movements. As an SJ, it's easier to follow the collective viewpoint on religion, and stick to an organization or family's viewpoint. For me, it was especially harder during the holidays. My immediate family is Catholic, but I have decided over the past year to be Agnostic. I went against my family's beliefs, but I couldn't ignore my own personal analysis of religion. It was a higher priority to find personal comfort than to stick with the family.

    As an Fi user, I have a constant struggle between Te and Fi. As a person who follows logic primarily and understands the advantages of putting aside personal attachments for the sake of accomplishing a goal, I struggle to strike a balance between doing such a thing and following what my personal feelings tell me about a given situation. Do I treat life as a chess board or act on my emotions? This is where the confusion sets in.

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    my function order is Ne Fi Te Si... i dunno if it's the combo or just me, but i feel like Te often is the avenue to enforce Fi when my "lines" are crossed. they actually don't clash for me very much, they just seem to apply to totally different realms. though Fi concerns always take precedent...

    as for developing Fi, i think really paying close attention to people and their motivations as individuals. not to how they act, but to their state of mind and how they feel. what makes them comfortable and what makes them uncomfortable, what they really care about / what really engages them and how they approach stressful things. try to find points of empathy with all people, especially if they really annoy you or make you uncomfortable - and if they do annoy you or make you really uncomfortable, then try to figure out what it is about them that's bothering you.

    i feel like for me, Fi is often about getting to the "core" of things - the most basic line of (humanistic) reasoning. i see my values and ethics more as a system of reasoning than i do a set of "noble" causes or whatever. it's just what makes sense to me.

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