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    So I want to ask Female Ts: does any of this resonate?

    not particularly with me, despite my usual working in male dominated industries- funny, but every lady in my office (there are 3 of us out of 21 employees) is a T type

    Do you feel you’ve had to compromise or camouflage your femininity to fit into your chosen profession/field of study?

    No- I can't act like a giggling girl, but I can be a woman without a problem- the job requires strength and tenacity and the ability to be pleasant to people- it makes me wonder WHY it's a male dominated industry when those are characteristics that I associate with a lot of the REAL women in my life! I use my femininity at work more than at home or in my free time

    Can you identify with this idea of casting elements of your identity overboard in pursuit of your ambitions?

    No... I merely shape what I do around my personality- I have the luxury of working in an industry, that while male dominated, allows for individuality in it's workers' personalities and approaches. I've met a few of the higher ups who are female and are quite femine- though not girly. I guess womanly is the correct word- more mature and stronger

    Do you see a conflict between being feminine and being taken seriously in your field?

    there's a difference between being feminine and being girly... if I went around being girly and flirting and giggling with customers nobody would take me seriously, but if I'm polite and nice and able to discuss feminine topics it works out just fine for me

    Or perhaps you feel you never identified strongly with typically feminine interests in the first place?

    I have no problem fitting in with guys really, but I still like some girly stuff like cooking, sundresses and human interest stories... I kind of fit in somewhere near the middle as opposed to strictly masculine or femine
    “The phrase 'Someone ought to do something' was not, by itself, a helpful one. People who used it never added the rider 'and that someone is me'.” - Terry Pratchett

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    well that was all a long time before I decided on a career (if I have indeed, now). As long as I can remember I rejected the idea of being "girly", although perhaps some of that was actually a reaction to being excluded from social groups, which were of course unisex sooo it's a little tangled.

    I'm not sure when it started to change, I guess when I got a little more mature, maybe in the first few years of university. At that time I was planning to be a vet though, which is not really a masculine profession. I didn't really "decide" on being a scientist until going to grad school, and even now I'm not entirely sure about it. So while my ideas about careers have varied, my non-girly tendencies preceded them. And I've never really considered a more girly-stereotyped career.
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