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    morose bourgeoisie
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    Mar 2009


    I wear one. I like watches. I am supposedly a P. It was given to me by two Js and a P, but I liked them before.

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    Senior Member
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    Aug 2008


    Don't wear one...there's enough places I can see the time without one. Cell phone, computer, phone on the desk, etc. that wearing one becomes redundant.
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    eh cascadeco's Avatar
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    I don't wear a watch.

    In years past I would go through phases of wearing watches, but whenever the battery died it was preferable to cease wearing one than to go to the effort of running an errand to a mall to purchase a new battery.

    I find I don't really need one, though. The clocks in my apartment and in my car are sufficient, and I'm always on time (or more likely, early) to things.
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    Senior Member Uytuun's Avatar
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    I wear a watch when I feel like I'm doing productivity/work related stuff...leave it off during weekends/at home...tend to take it off a lot when I'm in my office or whenever I stay in a place that feels like it's mine at least a little (it's a surprise I never lost it - actually I did once in a mosh got trampled on, but the watchmaker managed to fix it). Sometimes I'll only wear it for the aesthetic effect (as in the mosh pit, it's pretty much a chunky metalic bracelet :p). It's always running late (between 3-4 minutes these days) and I don't change it to daylight saving time. It's both a confirmation of my Te nature and a secret rebellion against it! I also tend to be (a little) late...

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    Senior Member Saslou's Avatar
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    My watch stopped working recently, probably to do with the battery .. I took it back as i'd surprisingly brought warrenty and told a little lie so i could get a new watch .. New one is watch/bracelet mix and its cute.

    I am more likely to check my phone then my wrist to find out the time (Force of habit) but i need a watch to time my clients as i need to keep to a schedule. So i do the subtle arm stretch and move the watch (very small wrists) to check out the clock face, lol.

    Oh, i'm a j
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    Senior Member BlueGray's Avatar
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    I find my phone works just fine as a clock. I rarely find myself needing to check it either as I can typically gauge time +- 5 minutes if I've seen the time in the past hour or two.
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    9w1 sx/sp


    No. I will get used to wearing one, then I'll take it off one day and not wear it for years.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mrcockburn View Post
    1. Do you regularly wear a watch? Why (not)?
    Yes. Started wearing one in first grade. I like knowing what time it is, I feel in control of time and myself that way, and I hate to be late, so all of my watches and clocks are set 3 minutes ahead. I liked taking time when I was younger, how long it would take to walk a mile or something along those lines and then trying to beat that time the next time. It's possibly just due to habit but I feel naked without it. Sometimes it's a good prop during social anxiety, pretending to be busy and looking at my watch while being alone in a crowd. Fiddling with the band gives a sense of security.

    I tried not wearing my watch for a while, only used my phone and it was fine, so I guess I'm not too obsessed with it and I just wear it out of habit. I like nice watches as accessories as well. My favourite one has an awesome super light titanium case and band so you can barely feel it. Really nice.

    2. Are you a P or J? Better yet, if known, what's your whole type?

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    Senior Member Coco's Avatar
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    Aug 2010


    I'm a P and yes.
    Mine broke, so I'm always asking other people what time is it.
    I hate not knowing what's the time.
    Lol. >.>

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    Minister of Propagandhi ajblaise's Avatar
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    INTJ calculator watch:

    ISTJ nerd belt watch:

    ESFJ watch given as a gift:

    ESTP watch taken from the bottom of a cereal box:

    INTP watch worn for minimal discomfort:

    ENTJ watch to show status:

    ESTJ watch:

    INFP watch:

    Other people's watches

    ISTP watch:

    The position of the sun

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