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    For the most part, I look back on my decisions with confidence.

    The things I regret are usually the possibilities I never considered - things that I could have done to squeeze more out of a particular experience. I tend to try and work out stuff one thing at a time (because my brain can only handle one major worry at a time) which is unfortunate because I'm not making the most of things. This gives me even more pause when reflecting on my present circumstances; I wonder "what am I failing to consider?" and "what else could I be exploring?".
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    i would like to hire someone to make my decisions for me.

    PM me if you would like to make questionable amounts of money for life-changing decisions.

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    Hmmm maybe this is just an Ne dom thing then

    I definitely look at my past decisions with a lot of questions. What people need to understand is I actually like the notion of possibilities. I like the infinite potential of what could be. It energises me and I'm very good at looking at these possibilities. When I play a game of any kind I often end a turn/round with "FUCK! I should've done such and such, I'm so bad!". It's not necessarily because I'm horrid, simply that a lot of people don't see what they could've done and don't see the mistakes they've made.
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    Quote Originally Posted by skylights View Post
    i would like to hire someone to make my decisions for me.
    PM me if you would like to make questionable amounts of money for life-changing decisions.
    Is it okay if I use my fifth Judging function called Re? (the External Random Generator, also known as dice)
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