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    Quote Originally Posted by Savage Brain View Post
    Mmmm, perhaps I should bold a few more:

    Words I'd replace:

    wild and crazy - spontaneous and fun
    irresponsible - flexible/easygoing
    irrational - passionate/emotional
    seductive - charming, in a cute way.
    dangerous - willing to try new things/ideas
    Hm. The words you bolded sound more like me (ISTP), though depends on who is doing the describing.

    Anyway, the ISTP description is more or less apt. I just have issues with the favored careers (come on, it can't think of better ideas than different kinds of engineers?). As for disfavored careers, they are mostly performers (actor, singer, teacher, etc), which is fine, but it obscures the fact that ISTPs often approach their careers as a kind of performance.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Arclight View Post
    Is this thread for real???

    The biggest problem with humans of every type, is that no one thinks their shit stinks and that they are all perfect..
    Why don't you blow that stereo type instead?
    Work on your issues instead of denying their existence.

    What a bunch of babies ...
    He has a good point. People often complain about how ridiculously positive all of the type description, with the exception of a few (the xxSJs, ESFPs, ENTJs), are, which is why gems such as The Brutally Honest Personality Test were created. Are INFPs irrational? In comparison to INTPs, yes, yes they are, and I find it more realistic to list a smattering of negative qualities with good ones rather than to turn each type into its own Mary Sue.

    As for the ENTJ description of Similarminds, I have no problem with it. It’s the only description on the Internet that doesn’t depict ENTJs as a collection of 2-dimensional Saturday Morning Cartoon Villains. That includes the descriptive trait “narcissistic” because God knows that if any type out of the 16 could be accurately described that way that it would be the xNTJs.
    Surgeons replace one of your neurons with a microchip that duplicates its input-output functions. You feel and behave exactly as before. Then they replace a second one, and a third one, and so on, until more and more of your brain becomes silicon. Since each microchip does exactly what the neuron did, your behavior and memory never change. Do you even notice the difference? Does it feel like dying? Is some other conscious entity moving in with you?
    -Steven Pinker on the Ship of Theseus Paradox

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