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    Default Two Kinds of MBTI opposites

    There are the four letter opposites and then there the functional opposites. Your functional opposite has all 8 functions in the exact opposite order. Your functional opposite will share the first and last letter in common but will be the opposite on the middle two. INTP's functional opposite is ISFP.

    For INTP:

    1 Dominant = Ti
    2 Auxilary = Ne
    3 Tertiary = Si
    4 Inferior = Fe
    5 Opposing = Te
    6 Senex = Ni
    7 Trickster = Se
    8 Demonic = Fi

    For ISFP:

    1 Dominant = Fi
    2 Auxilary = Se
    3 Tertiary = Ni
    4 Inferior = Te
    5 Opposing = Fe
    6 Senex = Si
    7 Trickster = Ne
    8 Demonic = Ti

    From a functional standpoint, wouldn't INTP and ISFP be more different from each other than INTP and ESFJ even though INTP and ISFP share I and P in common?

    What are your experiences with both your four letter opposite and your functional opposite?

    For me, I find that ESFJs are more likely to get on my nerves, yet I find it easier to establish a connection with them compared to ISFPs. Maybe its because Fe, being my 4th function is aspirational and ESFJ has that as dominant. In other words, ESFJ can provide something that deep down the INTP is looking for.

    I don't know anyone in real life that I can say with certainty is an ISFP. I do have a cousin who I think is either an ISFP or an ISTP. He's very quiet, laid back, and gentle. He's easy to get along with but we have so little in common in the way of interests that we just don't really connect with each other.

    Maybe the reason why I know so few ISFPs in real life is because our interests and our own worlds are so different due to the opposite orders of functions that we don't even notice each other.

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    I have too much admiration for and enough things to talk about to be the demonic side of the INTP. I mean, if that's the case, I was right in retyping Ti instead of Fi.

    Then again, I can appreciate an INFP too. Maybe I'm just a cool guy.

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