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  • I am the same type in function theory and Keirsey temperament assessment

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  • I am different types in function theory and Keirsey temperament assessment

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  • I prefer function theory.

    10 62.50%
  • I prefer Keirsey temperament assessment.

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  • I equally prefer both or don't know.

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    i love skylights's Avatar
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    6w7 so/sx
    EII Ne


    i'm a solid NFP in keirsey... i'm so far to the N, F, and P sides that all of those seem pretty clear, even with the slightly different definitions. my Sensing is shitty and my Thinking is okay, but definitely not as good as, and also not preferred over, my Feeling. i'm also very go-with-the-flow. i suck at decisions so much, lol.

    but as for I/E, i really don't know. part of me feels more Healer, and part more Champion. the Healer seems too selfless to me but the Champion seems too exuberant. i feel like i fall in between them. Championing Healer? Healing Champion...?

    i do prefer function theory. it seems to account for the perspective differences more clearly than temperament. there's just more information to work with.

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    When it comes to the 4 letter dichotomies, I test INxP; some tests are slightly T & others slightly F. Of Keirsey's temperaments, I can see myself in the idealists & the rationals & even a bit in the artisans. I would say that the word "Idealist" is the best label for me though, whatever the temperament supposedly entails. I suppose I'd still be INFP then, even though the martyr-esque profile does not resonate with me (actually NONE of Keirsey's profiles resonate with me).

    As for function theory, I am definitely FiNe. I prefer function theory, as it describes my mindset better. Keirsey's behavior typings feel like caricatures to me.
    Often a star was waiting for you to notice it. A wave rolled toward you out of the distant past, or as you walked under an open window, a violin yielded itself to your hearing. All this was mission. But could you accomplish it? (Rilke)

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    Interesting. Mainly what I'm seeing here is a difference in one letter, while what I have is a difference in interaction style. At least I stay in the same group though (NF).

    I'd say IRL my interaction style probably is more IxxJ...people call me mysterious, quiet, and organized. Some people who met me in person from Type C seem to think I come across as IxFJ. I can be kind of withdrawn and judgey. But then again, I prefer things to be open-ended, I'm always late, I like a certain amount of structure but not schedules so much. However, I've been told that INFJs care the least about actual external order.

    AND THEN, people who interact with me frequently here say that they see so much Ne/Fi and that any organization or other J traits I appear to have come from developed tertiary Te, not Fe. It is true that I am showing my "inner self" here, because I'm writing out my ideas and feelings, so they probably are correct.

    I seem to be more motivated by Fi and Te than by Fe and Ti.

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