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    Default Which questions on personality tests do you find the most difficult to answer?

    I'm just wondering if there is some sort of pattern here.

    Which questions do you find particularly difficult to answer? Why do you suppose that's so? Do you think its related to your type? Or do you think its just a quirk of yours? Or is it simply a bad question?

    Here are examples of forced-choice questions that I tend to have a very hard time choosing:

    Questions asking me if I have a few very close friendships or if I have a larger number of not so close friendships. I think why I find this difficult to answer is because I have lots of acquaintances but I don't think most of them quite qualify as friends. Maybe my definition of friend is more rigid than some, who knows. That is a flaw with the question- people do have their own different personal definition of "friend". Among the few friends I do have, I wouldn't consider most of them close friends. Really, there's only one that I'd even consider a very close friend. Sad, really. I let very few people get close to me outside my family. So neither choice really gets at who I am.

    In the Kiersey test, there is a question about whether you tend to be pay more attention to the fundamentals (S) or overtones (N). Both are interesting to me! I actually think fundamentals appeals to dominant Ti types in a way because they'll take things like concepts and definitions and seek out the most fundamental aspects of them. However, I also like looking past the surface of things and getting an overall vibe. Maybe I'm not interpreting overtones properly but that's the sense I get out of it.

    Other examples of questions I find very difficult to choose because I both options greatly appeal to me:

    Do you prefer consistency of thought or harmonious human relationships? By definition Ti seeks consistency of thought so you'd expect an INTP for pick the first option and the majority probably do. However, I've always been highly sensitive to disharmony among people. I realize that people are complex and its unreasonable to expect them to always be consistent in their thought. For my own thoughts, it bothers me when I'm inconsistent with them.

    The justice vs. mercy questions. I strongly believe people should be treated fairly and consistently. If people are to be rewarded or punished, there should be no biases. However, many times exceptions must be made and people deserve second chances.

    There's several other questions from various tests where I want to say I'm equally like both!
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    Definitely justice VS mercy. What a stupid dichotomy. Justice does not mean no mercy. It doesn't even mean no bias since you are biased towards least the way justice people usually talk about.

    It's like asking you to completely ignore something bad someone has done VS not ignoring and being punitive. Stupid.

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