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    Default Concentrating and improving my Se

    Wasn't sure where to put this.

    Anyway, lately, I seem to be failing at a lot of things and seeming to be generally dimwitted and detatched. This is mostly because I struggle to concentrate. When looking at a problem, I keep missing important details. My mind is almost never focused on the task at hand, so I end up thinking through whatever I should be thinking through slowly and imprecisely. I seem to wander through life thinking about whatever I feel like in my head with the rest of reality just being a blur, background noise. I'll forget what I'm supposed to do or not process the idea properly in the first place and this pattern of behaviour seems to be making me dumber and dumber. I have ADHD and I have had medication for it when I was younger. It helped, but for the time I was taking it I was pretty much a mindless drone. But my concentration was excellent. I'd prefer not to have to take the medication again, so does anyone know some good ways to get myself to concentrate. I can't even decide what I want to do in Uni, and I only have until the end of the year to confirm my choices, but every time I go to think about it seriously, my mind wanders off and I can't come to a conclusion. So how can I help my ability to concentrate on a task at hand and to notice things better around me (you may have noticed Se is my lowest score, and for good reason)? I'd rather not go on medication but I might have to if I don't fix myself up.
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    I have trouble concentrating, too. If I really need to read or write and pay attention to what I'm doing, rather than being distracted by everything around me (my usual pattern), I find that instrumental music really helps. The music can't be too sleep-inducing or too exciting. It has to be pleasant but not something that is going to grab all of your attention. For that reason, I don't recommend vocal music. I find that I will start singing and will completely give up anything that I am supposed to do.
    Most of the time, this works for me, which is good because I tend to react badly to medication.
    Good luck!
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