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question for Si users - do you integrate other people's experiences into your Si too, or is it all personal experience? like if someone tells you a story about what happened to them, is that useful to utilize too? i'm figuring probably yes but it's not trusted as much as your own experience?

i wish i had better Si. i would love to remember things so vividly.
I'd say the bolded part is my answer, yes. Other people's experiences definitely count, and I save the info for later. I hear about it and say, "So that worked for them? Good to know, if I ever find myself in that situation."

I've also recognized these happening often to me, lately:

•They interpret the current situation through association with previous experiences.
•When something happens that is different from anything they have personally experienced before, they need to find something that is similar in some way so it can be used for a comparison.
•They are usually closely attuned to the physical condition of their bodies.
•The current data and experience are not real until they have been validated by comparison with a similar circumstance or experience.
There's a lot of talk about "the past," but I'm not constantly actively looking to the past. Rather, once something happens to me (or I see it or hear about it), it becomes "established information" and I assume it's just as true now as it was originally, until something contradicts it.

Si + Te takes the path of finding all the variables and pieces at our disposal, collecting the entire inventory/toolbox together first, then setting to work on the task at hand. (maybe)