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    Default why are mbti types called personality types?

    jung called them psychological types and i think it fits way better, since your type is how you perceive things and make decisions and it only reflects to your personality. kinda like reflection from a mirror that has your psychological type in it and its reflected with your life experiences. since mbti doesent measure your life experiences and to form a personality, it needs your psychological type + life experience, i think calling mbti type a personality type is stupid and misleading.

    lets just start to call them psychological types, mmkay?
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    I agree with you, psychological types is way more accurate.
    I personally think they choosed personality types because that way they can market it better and make more money with it. That way it sounds more personal and would attract more people searching for their identity at a certain age.

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    They are psychometric profiles designed to fit you into a way of thinking. We call them personality types by the profile archetypes. People who think in such a way tend to do such and such in difference to others who think in a different way. All the profiles of the types that we read either in a book or online are structured as personalities and most who read about them like to connect themselves to such. In such a case the names of XXXX are just names for a profile of a personality. As we go deeper into it we understand such things to a more specific level with the functions and the orderings. And such is when we start to go into the psychological aspect.

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    Well it IS your personality. Not ALL of your personality, because if it was, there would have to be hundreds of billions of personality types. There will be people wihin a certain type that behave differently to others, but they will have similar cognition, which is the basis for ones personality. In the same way, everyone's psychology is different, and really psychology and personality can be used interchangeably in this instance, as they both are ways of categorising how people think. They are just ways to organise it. I don't see an issue with the phrase personality type.
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