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    Default Understanding Je, Ji, Pe, Pi

    I've seen these "functions" (Je, Ji, Pe, Pi) referenced several time in various ways now, but only on TypeC. Is the purpose strictly to define the order in which the primary functions vs. shadow functions exist, or does it have additional meaning?

    On that topic, how important is understanding the system of ordering past the assistance in defining exactly what MBTI type someone is? When I order my functions, I find that mine are developed in this order: Ti > Ne > Te > Ni > Se then the rest are almost so underdeveloped it's irrelevant to mention.
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    If you mean the specific denotations you have there (J/P + e/i), J and P are just collectives for "judgment" and "perception" functions. So instead of having to write "Ne or Se, and Te or Fe", we can just say "Pe and Je".

    They do seem to be unofficial, and I think I too have pretty much only seen them here.
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    It is at least partially convenience, but I'd say that the terms have a utility beyond that. To be honest, I'd say sod Keirsey's temperaments - I'd say that Pe, Pi, Je and Ji represent the four more natural groups. Each of these four groups define two functions with similar properties.
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