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    Lightbulb Complementary functions

    I am ESFP. I was thinking about my best friend who is INFJ and wondering why we get along so well. So I took all the functions and mapped it out:

    INFJ - Ni Fe Ti Se
    ESFP- Se Fi Ti Ne

    So we complement each other on the two functions in the middle. And it's true. I would describe us as very emotionally and intellectually connected.

    Then I got curious as to how I am complemented with other types and I was surprised when I realized I only share complementary functions with 3 types: ISFJ, ISTJ and INFJ. My ideal match (my current boyfriend), my good match and my best friend.

    Has anyone else had any experiences with this complementary match thing? For example, an INFJ noticed anything special about their relationships with ESFP, ENFP and ENTP?
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    I tend to get along really, really well with the more open minded ESJs. I really like them. If I "click" with an ESJ it's like fireworks.
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    There are many theories about which functions complement each other and which do not.... the ones which try to pair me with ESTJs make me balk a bit....

    I find my relationships with ENFJs to be very complementary. Technically, we do not share any of the same 4 functions, as far as the 8 cognitive functions go. However, we do share Feeling & Intuition as our preferred ways to judge & perceive, but they just have different attitudes (I or E). I find this sort of mirroring of functions to be pretty irresistible. Even though I share the same functions with an ESTJ in reverse, instead of feeling complementary, it feels grating. They feel far more like my opposite than any other type. I find their thought process just bizarre...
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