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I could be wrong -- but I always thought of Ne (again, my personal experience) -- as being able to see a whole bunch of possibilities at once. Many of the Ne-dom type descriptions discuss the torrential outpouring of ideas. I've found that this leads to several real-life implications:

1) I can't prioritize, so having a conversation with me is like talking to a random topic generator. I can talk about nothing at all or about everything, and its relevance to others around me (at times) is subordinate to the fact that I can't seem to shut up about my observations.

2) Many of the connections that I make aren't even linear. I can't say X leads to Y leads to Z. X can lead to A prime, squirrels and this stupid bedspread that's giving my skin some serious agita.

3) Because of my tendency to process things out loud, I find that my whole physical being is a conduit for my possibilities/ideas. Sometimes, this leads me to overexcitement, paranoia, and long binges of useless research on (irrelevant) topics.

I'm not sure how I can extrapolate these ridiculous points and say that this is true for all ENFPs or even Ne-doms (though according to type descriptions, ENTPs are more likely to be logical about their arguments/connections). But this is how I've observed Ne-dom wackiness. Se-dom, Te-dom and Fe-dom wackinesses are also great big parts of my life, so I'm not going to claim that Ne has any monopoly on the craziness. It doesn't. But my behavior certainly makes for some socially unacceptable craziness at times.

You sound fine to me..

I mean, you just did present yourself fairly clearly

Of course, this is online. I can understand how it'd be different in real life conversation.. but either way, you shouldn't worry about it being socially unacceptable. Being wacky is good. And as long as you're not hurting anyone, it's not socially unacceptable. You won't win everyone over, but try not to make a big deal of it when it doesn't happen (in some cases, I know that isn't easy, but you have to cut your losses sometimes). If you keep in mind you're not socially unacceptable in general, you'll be better for it.. and eventually find yourself more free on how you want to be (especially in terms of extroversion).