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    Default what do you guys think about these?

    function order is like what role(and how you naturally/unconsciously first react to what happened) those functions have in you and thats what makes the types. function strength is more like how you strive to think and how you have learned to think, like noticed that this kind of situation works better if i(as in intp) use for example Fi + Si in this type of situation instead of Ti + Ne. and when i learn to use Fi+ Si more in one situation i can learn to apply it to other situations that are similar and this will cause Fi + Si to show much strength in function tests. but that doesent mean that the role(function order) has changed even tho some test would show my Fi to be stronger than my Ne or Si since the Fi + Si is a learned skill instead natural/unconscious approach.

    Kinda like when you see a situation, you need to perceive whats happening and form at least an unconscious judging on whats right approach to it and thats where your natural function order plays a role and makes you a certain type. But if you understand that this approach that you started taking(without acting on it yet) doesent work on this situation that well, then you can consciously start to approach it by using other functions.


    and another thing.

    i was thinking today about how Fi works on types that naturally use Fi and how i use Fi(i score pretty high Fi in tests(way higher than my Fe), even tho its be my 8th function). or more precisely about how Fi empathy works or if its actually Fe Ti induced empathy thats just seems like Fi in me and thats fooling these functions tests. ill explain, more i thought about this i felt that the F that im using to other people seems that i form a framework using the F in extroverted attitude. then i try to think of objective(not how i would feel) logical solutions(Ti) that works in this F(e?) framework about(for example) why this person is feeling this way and apply it to myself and this way im able to be empathetic. even tho im using a logical deduction on this and not actually feeling what the other person is feeling in the process of trying to understand him/her, but after i figure it out, i can feel what the other person is feeling pretty strongly, in other words form a strong empathy.(ofc i need to use perceiving function at some point also, but i dont think it plays that big of a role in me on this matter). FP types use extroverted perceiving function with their Fi and they dont need to use other J function(that would be Te for them) in this process. and they place their Fi empathy in the framework of what they perceive with their Pe function. Even tho both of these approaches might lead to same result and work equally empathetic, but how this empathy is built is different. or maybe Fi users use the same approach to form an empathy as Ti Fe users, but Ti Fe users just needs more conscious efforts to form this empathy?
    So is my "Fi" really Fe + Ti that seems to be Fi in function tests?

    So what do you guys think about these two things? i think that Fi thing could be applied to other functions aswell, like if INTP having strong Te is actually just Ne Ti.

    i would appreciate if you could give these a serious thought before telling some stupid crap about what you read from some website or book, since all this typology stuff are just theories and none of them can actually be proven to be 100% real.
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    There are a lot of ideas rolling around there, so I will just pick out a few things that caught my attention...

    I like where you are going with trying to distinguish between function order and function strength. I used to think of it as two components (order and strength) myself, but I came to conclude that it makes more sense to think of it as four parts - it helps clarify things. The four terms I use are:-

    Function order: That 1 - 8 list that describes how the functions opperate, when they opperate.
    Function preferance: How much each function opperates.
    Function strength: How easy it is to get a good result out of a partucular function. Kind of like a statement that states "50% of 21 year old will get good result from their tertiary."
    Function development: Whether or not an individual actually does get a good result from a function.

    By this system, function order and function strength are invarient for all members of a type, but function preferance and function development can be very different. It is these differances that makes it possible to have immature or unhealthy examples of a type as well as they MBTI descriped golden boys/girls.
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