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    Default How do you cope with being unemployed/underemployed

    So many people I know right now are either unemployed or underemployed. I'm wondering if there is a type correlation as to how one copes with the situation.

    So if you're unemployed or underemployed, how are you coping with it? Or if you know others who are, how are they coping? Also how does your coping method tie in with your MBTI or enneagram type?

    I'm underemployed. I work two part-time jobs at a total of about 25 hours a week. I'd love to have full-time hours. My situation could be alot worse, at least I am employed.

    Sometimes I get down on myself about my work situation. I'm tired of applying for jobs and going to interviews only to get rejected. It's discouraging. Yet, I try not to let it get me down too much.

    Introversion works against me because I'm not a natural networker. I'm not much of a self-promotor either. I prefer to wait to let others notice my strengths.

    Intuition helps me see various alternatives. I see how my skills could fit various jobs even if they are different than my educational or work experience. It also helps me in gathering alternative perspectives on things. I may only work part-time but I have a whole lot more free-time than many people, which I love. I come up with creative ways to get by on less money so I don't have to sacrifice my standard of living too much.

    Thinking helps me not take the situation personally. Not getting a job I want has nothing to do with how good or bad I am as a person. Companies hire who they think will be the best fit for that particular job. Sometimes they already know who they'll hire before they even interview and are just going through the motions. Thinking also helps me see the pros and cons of applying to different jobs. A job may "feel" just right for me, but I have to have something that will pay me an affordable wage.

    Perceiving isn't helping me out too much. It's hard to be motivated to do job searching and set a timeframe. I like my free-time alot and searching for jobs doesn't feel like free time. I feel indecisive. I prefer to work in the library field but jobs are few and far between. Do I look for something else? I am flexible and open to many different options and willing to relocate.
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    I'm fairly young(19), a student, and I live with my parents, so they take care of my basic needs. Also, my class schedule keeps me from actively seeking employment; there's nothing out there for a kid with just a HS diploma but minimum wage jobs folding shirts, or something like that, anyways.

    I'd say that for me type has little to do with my unemployment situation. The basic reason why I'm not really out there searching is simple comfort. Like I previously mentioned my parents take care of me, so why should I even bother looking for a job? The motivation just isn't there. I don't really need the money, (except to have extra spending cash for stupid, unnecessary things.) and having to work leaves less time for studying and other activities.

    Unless a drastic change in my living situation like my parents throwing me out or something occurs, I don't think I'll be worrying about employment for another year or so --however long it takes me to graduate

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    Badly either way.

    At the start of the year i was over-employed, working 3 jobs (combined total of about 50 hours a week, over xmas/new years in one job alone i put in 47 hours, and STILL worked the other two) AND went to summer school at Uni at the same time.

    Needless to say after 3 months of this i burnt out and became an emotional/mental wreck. It also triggered an episode of bipolar that i've been trying to come out from for most of the year.

    Now i've cut back on Uni (no classes till December) and am working 1 job part time (17 hours) and 2 casual jobs (getting between 10 and 15 hrs a fortnight between them) and am utterly bored out of my brain.

    I've been really lucky in that i haven't actually had to apply for jobs, they've all been offered this year so my natural introversion doesn't become a liability.

    But yeah, either way, over or under, i don't cope well.

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    I don't.

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    Yeah, being unemployed is depressing ofr me. I mean I'm lucky as is to still be living at home with my family (I'm 21 btw), and almost done community college, but having no means of income makes me feel both useless and bored. I keep filling out online applications, and yet I never get any response back from other employers, it's like no one is willing to hire me. I guess in short the only way that I manage to deal with unemployment is the fact that I'm still living at home, so being unemployed isn't necessarily a bad thing, financial wise, for me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Savage Brain View Post
    I keep filling out online applications, and yet I never get any response back from other employers, it's like no one is willing to hire me.
    Have you tried going to an employer in person and introducing yourself and expressing your interest in a job face-to-face? It can make a much bigger impact if you "push" the employer (in the right way) into wanting you.
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    i raise my hand vigorously while yelling fuck yeah im free! usually i do this 1-3 times a day until job finds me and takes away my freedom
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    I'm told that nurses can easily obtain many hours of well-paid labor, so it doesn't bother me too much. In the meantime, the lack of income is a limiting factor for me, but not something I dwell on. I do want to move though...

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    Unemployed - pretty badly, I start panicking about my future, how I will manage not to starve. Underemployed - as long as I can manage to meet my current basic expenditures, I actually "love" being underemployed, because I can finally be free from all the obligations that people involuntarily shove over me.
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