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    Quote Originally Posted by nebbykoo View Post
    Agreed. Too much thinking about one's self tends to make one stupid and selfish
    *ponders* So what does that mean about Ns who have an N bias? (loops)
    Im out, its been fun

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    Quote Originally Posted by poki View Post
    *ponders* So what does that mean about Ns who have an N bias? (loops)
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    Quote Originally Posted by mrsherlockholmes View Post
    Kay guys, sorry if I've been going on too long, but I'm still kind of confused about the possibility that I am INFP. And my confusion is this. In type descriptions, functions and such, I keep reading that Ti is analytical and searces for logic and truth, while Fi is subjective and searches for meaning and creates values. But what if you have strong levels of both? I analyse, criticise, find holes in ideas and create logical deductions from information, but from what I see, when I take it apart, I see things, possibly somewhat subjectively, though they seem mostly logically, that are pointless, that cause problems and such, usually attitudes, movements or behaviour, and I form values against these things (and for things that seem to create overall positive effects). I prefer to be impresonal and act on logic, and my values SEEM mostly impersonal and can change somewhat overtime if evidence against them is produced. But this is supposedly an area INTPs have very little interest in. So can logic and value systems run alongside each other? Can an INTP have strong convictions and and and/or an INFP base their values on logical reasoning? These 2 functions are supposed to be direct opposites, but I am somewhat in the dark (due to lack of information) about why they must be.

    My Fi traits:
    I value friendship a lot
    I have often strong opinions (though usually based more on what makes sense and the world as a whole rather than my personal experience)
    I like to be emotionally supportive of those I am close to when it does not strongly contradict with my logic

    My Ti traits:
    I prefer being impersonal and analytical observation, and am often analytically inquisitive
    I treat most situations from an objective standpoint to be criticised and sometimes worked on, including myself
    I am not usually quick to draw conclusions based on how I feel
    I am often considered insensitive or pedantic due to a need for truth and correctness and to not allow someones emotions to rule them if it will lead to a worse situation.

    I am really very confused about my type and the differences between Ti and Fi, as unlike the S and N functions and Te, Fe, there doesn't seem to be ENTIRELY opposing sides. Unless of course I am wrong and have gotten deeply confused and made awful misinterpretations somewhere.
    Your Fi traits might be Fe motivated, have you thought about that. Fi ethics come from a personal source and Fe ethics come from a external source where the culture/or group you're emotionally attached to collectively agrees on the standard. Like to Fi, Fe can seem fake and shallow and to Fe, Fi can look selfish and unrealistic. It sounds to me like you might be a INTP with strong Fe. The one about having strong opinions can really be both Ji functions(and the way you described it sounds like Ti). And most people in general value some kind of social contact/companionship, whether T or F.
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    Quote Originally Posted by alcea rosea View Post
    I thought you were INTJ....?

    I'd say Ti is more logical than Fi.
    Fi is based on values (so, subjective), Ti is based on objective reasoning.
    Quote Originally Posted by Jennifer View Post
    Well, more like the things that can drive Fi assumptions (that they then can apply sound reasoning to) are the sorts of things that Ti tries to remove from its list assumptions due to what it perceives as bias.

    Fi sees as value = Ti sees as bias

    But both can reason very well.
    Quote Originally Posted by Aleksei View Post
    Ti is not based on objective reasoning -- Te is. Ti is based on subjective reasoning.
    Because my post of difference between Ti and Fi was shown to be wrong or incosistent or illogical, , I would say that based on my own "I feel people" experience INTP's are a great deal tougher than INFP's. INFP's have an "aura" of certain kind of sensitivity around them and INTP's don't. INTP's are also more keen on forcing their thoughts on people and INFP's are more "live and let others live" kind of people. But hey, this is only my own subjective Fi experience on this one.

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    Most Fi and Ti users are like that, but it isn't necessarily the case. INTPs can be cuddly bunnies, and INFPs can be hardasses. The same extends to most types -- My own type is most closely associated to this image:

    But I'm one of the nicest people you'll find.

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